All Precincts Reporting — Next Round Of Voting Is Now



Check out the vote tally which [Alek] put together (click for a much larger version). We couldn’t be more delighted at how the first round of voting for Astronaut or Not went. With very nearly 50k votes it’s time to start another round.

This is an entirely new round. Your 30 votes have been restored and you must vote at least once in this new round to be eligible for the voter lottery. The theme has also changed; vote for projects whose ideas are most likely to be used in other projects. That is to say: is there a core piece of cleverness that, properly explained and modularized, would be extremely extensible? Then vote for that one!

Links to the 15 winners are listed after the break; everyone on this list is getting a T-shirt and some stickers. The same will be true for the next round but we’re changing up the Voter Lottery prize — it’ll be similarly valuable and desirable but we’ll save details for this for Thursday. Make sure you vote or risk losing Friday’s lottery!

Congratulations to the first round winners of Astronaut or Not!




35 thoughts on “All Precincts Reporting — Next Round Of Voting Is Now

        1. Yeah, it’s not nice when websites strong arm you into using their mobile layout when your device is perfectly capable of showing the desktop version.

          Very rarely have I heard anyone moderately technically able prefer to get a mobile layout :-/

          I do believe it’s not on purpose and it’s due to there being no standard way of detecting for responsive layouts. Skyfire browser (before they pulled it) was always best at convincing sites it’s a desktop and not a phone!

  1. Can you please re-size the images to a reasonable file size? For example this thumbnail is 1.5 MB.

    1.5 MB for a thumbnail is just wrong. Especially when you can have 8 of them on a screen at once and you need to vote 50 times. 12 MB for each page refresh makes any internet slow.

    You can use Image Magick on linux to create thumbnails from a folder full of images:

    mogrify -resize 80×80 -background black -gravity center -extent 80×80 -format jpg -quality 75 -path thumbs *.jpg

    This can also be done as a cron job hourly, or immediately after a user uploads new photos.

    1. This is on the list of things to fix….unfortunately we have more things to do at SupplyFrame HQ than we have time to execute! It will get done at some point though you can be sure of that.

          1. I post some of my projects on the web. I just don’t post them here. 40% of the projects I post on Instructables have been featured. That has earned me over twelve years of free Pro Memberships too.

            Now go out and get yourself some more bench grinders because I am about to lap you for a third time if you don’t.

      1. with 220 projects there should have been n(n-2)/2 possible unique pairs. = 24310 pairings. (because we don’t care what the A or B project is.)
        with 49546 votes there should have been roughly 2 showings of each project pair.
        or each project should only be shown 441 times, (220 as project A and 220 as project B)
        with 546 votes for and 136 votes against the winning project was displayed 700 times, that’s a near 175% over representation. – e.g. if the randomised system for displaying pairs was “fair” this project couldn’t have possibly gotten this many votes.
        all but one of these top 15 have over expected representation.

        It would be interesting to actually see the votes. and pairs.

        I’d like to know how far down the list my project was. – I wouldn’t really care if it was at the bottom. though I guess I would care more if the over representation at the top of the list here actually meant that my project was only entered into a single round of voting. -regardless of whether it won or lost that round.

        Most disappointing was that I was enjoying voting, but only got 30 votes,
        There were enough people registered that there should have been nearly half a million votes, but there is only 10% of that total, with an estimated 70% of people voting, it seems that a whole load of people likely entered a single random vote, probably without thought just to be entered into the win-o-scope competition.
        In fact I’m not sure why I haven’t created ten more accounts and voted once to increase my chances yet!

        1. > with 546 votes for and 136 votes against the winning project was displayed 700 times, that’s a near 175% over representation. – e.g. if the randomised system for displaying pairs was “fair” this project couldn’t have possibly gotten this many votes.
          all but one of these top 15 have over expected representation.

          Figured it out. It’s people on Projects refreshing because they didn’t like either project. Or they liked both of them, and didn’t want to hurt either. So, not our fault

          > with an estimated 70% of people voting.

          If you’re getting that from one of my comments, I think you’re misinterpreting me.

          We had ~ a 70% chance of giving away a scope by picking random people. This was the cumulative probability. I haven’t run the numbers in a week or so, but I’d say no more than about 10% of people on Projects voted. Those that did seem to have used up all their votes.

  2. There are some pretty cool projects on that list. I’d like to see someone build a low cost open source optical holographic interferometer- got to play around with one of those around 20 years ago and it was unbelievably cool.

  3. I don’t really like the voting system, just show me all of them and let me decide the ones I like.
    I don’t want to vote against someone just because they were randomly put up against another project that I liked slightly more

      1. Give skull? It would have to be a really awesome project before I’d consider that! Now as far as following goes that almost seems like stalking to me. I think my view of the community surrounding this website is coming more into focus in light of your comment.

    1. Yeah instead of one grand prize they should revamp the contest to be a flotilla of garbage scows leaving from multiple destinations. Then let anyone who wants to win go for a ride that shows up. It would be more PC for the world today anyways.

  4. So how does this work? Do you guys select a group of projects and then have people vote between two at random. Because I get a lot of repeat projects which should almost never happen if it is truly random with the amount of registered projects.

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