The Hackaday Prize: Vote!

pilotsuit2Last week we rolled out Astronaut or Not, where Hackaday readers vote on aspects of the project entries of The Hackaday Prize. But why save all the prizes for the entries? What about the voters?

Starting tomorrow at exactly 1000 EDT (GMT -4), we’re going to choose someone registered on Hackaday Projects at random. If that person has voted, we’re giving them a Rigol DS1104B 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope. If they didn’t vote yet, nothing!

This will continue about every week or so until someone has won.

Voting is open, so vote now for the best project concept for The Hackaday Prize. Make sure you don’t miss out when your number is drawn!


  1. Mike Szczys says:

    It should be mentioned that EVERY hackaday profile is eligible to win. I’m hoping that #5 is drawn since I have yet to acquire an oscilloscope.

  2. Paul says:

    Meh. I looked at what’s required to sign up. Mandatory profile description, picture, yadda yadda – to me it is all very suss. I don’t want a scope that bad.

    I confess, I don’t like what HaD has become under new management. I don’t want prizes, I don’t want promotions, I don’t want new and innovative ways to give my marketing information to people. Just hacks. Delicious hacks. I’ll even make some of my own and send them in, ok? Just stop trying to ‘engage’ with me.

    • eccentricelectron says:

      Sad but true… You pay half a million bucks for a website, you are going to want a return on your investment – which in practice translates into getting eyeballs on your property by whatever means necessary.

    • JimmyNeutron111 says:

      Oh, screw off. Engage away, Hackaday, and let me know when you ship the scope! =P

    • John says:

      Hackaday has never had a community, it’s just not that kind of site. There have been forums on and off for years and they’ve never seen any real use. The fact is, there are other better sites that have better forums that that’s ok, because hackaday can be a link aggregation site and other sites can be community forum based sites. Except for when a company owns hackaday and wants to monetize it by turning it into a more productive site with data to be mined and membership numbers to fill with accounts that will never be used.

  3. tim says:
  4. unnecessarycomplification says:

    More info please. Does the winner need to be on at exactly 10:00am? What does it mean it will continue until someone has won? Won the Hackaday Prize? or won the scope?

    I’ll be traveling tomorrow, but I’d really like a scope. If my number is drawn and I’m not online am I screwed? That’d be worse than not winning.

  5. Leonard says:

    Basically, no one voted. But finally, now everyone will.

  6. RandyKC says:

    Sweet scope. Can we “vote early and vote often?”

  7. Ren says:

    Well, okiay, now that you’ve twisted my arm…. B^)

  8. Tom the Brat says:

    There are only 2 projects to vote for?

    • SavannahLion says:

      When you vote the page will present you with two additional projects to vote for. If you don’t want to vote for either project, hit refresh to be presented with different project.

      Interestingly, the site doesn’t retain whether you vote for a particular project already so it seems you can vote more than once if it’s presented more than once?

  9. Nick says:

    Why is there no vote button on a hackaday prize tagged project? It is stupid that I can only wote on the vote page, where two random projects appear. I have to refresh a lot to see the project I am interrested in.

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