Hamtramck Disneyland

Mike posing near the central part of the build... lots to see here!

With a few hours of down time I convinced [Caleb Kraft] to go to Hamtramck Disneyland with me. You’ve heard of it, right? I certainly hadn’t. I sounded like gibberish when [Chris Thompson] suggested it to us. Just a 10 minute drive away from Recycle Here! (where the Red Bull Creation is being held).

Without a street address we never would have found it. The spectacle is simply a house on a normal looking street in Hamtramck, Michigan. We were just a few doors down, creeping down the street, before we spied a flash of color between the houses. Swinging around the corner and into the alley this marvel opened up to us. The work of [Dmytro Szylak] started about twenty years ago. He built and built and built for years, a produced some backyard art that impossible to view without beaming with joy. You won’t spend much time there, but seeing for yourself is worth a few minutes side trip. For those that will never have a chance, here are the pictures I snapped.

12 thoughts on “Hamtramck Disneyland

  1. Have a neighbour who did the same thing with his house in Trofa, Portugal.
    Only that he is a ironforger and forged all the stuff… which is animated (iron monkeys going through pulleys around, etc Lots and Lots of “naif statues”.

    Seems his wife left him and he found the time… :)

  2. That’s what people do when they want to piss off the local government or ruin the property values in the whole neighborhood. Nobody wants to buy a house on that street.

    1. Actually, I sure would. I think that sort of thing might just end up birthing some very creative neighborhoods here and there… would have to have all the right things come together, but still… I give the guy mad props for being willing to march to the beat of his own drum and just express his heart like that. He’s got bigger stones than a lot of us do.

  3. Cheap copy of the disneyland of robots that exists in Brazil for over 40 yrs now, the best thing of that in Brazil is that they’ve been using hacks and building robots and machines way before hacking becomes popular. If any goes to Brazil it’s a must see.

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