An IPod Dock Converted Into Chromecast Speakers


[easybakejake] figured out a way to fuse together an iPod speaker dock and a wireless Chromecast receiver. His method utilized a modified HDMI-to-VGA adapter. From the looks of it, apps like music for Google Play, Pandora, and Music All Access seem to able to be streamed through this device.

A few problems did come up with this project though when researching the functionality of this music hack. For one, there is little to no documentation since the tip came to us through a Reddit post. Another inconvenience had to do with supporting different monitor sizes. [easybakejake] confirmed in the comments of that post that he ran into an error where the input was not working; probably due to a resolution issue. Eventually, he got it working and dubbed the device the MusicBox. Now stick it on a roomba and get it to DJ a party (like this Parks and Recreation skit that follows after the break):

13 thoughts on “An IPod Dock Converted Into Chromecast Speakers

  1. Wow. I seriously just had that thought the other day, not the dock, but an audio solution for Chromecast in other rooms where i have audio gear. Right now I have my beloved Slim Device (pre-Logitech buy out), but would love to have Chromecast instead for the easy gui aspect of my mobile devices.

    1. Not really Salvador Limones.
      Chomecast can “pair” to multiple devices at once so I do not have to unpair from one device to switch to the next device.
      Also the chromecast does the actually work getting the stream for you so you can use your mobile device for other things.
      Finally the Chromecast is now rooted so you can do pretty much anything you want with it. It is a small computer with wifi after all.

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