Hackaday Links: September 7, 2014

Like Adventure Time? Make your own BMO! It’s a little more expressive than the Adafruit version we saw earlier due to the Nokia LCD. It’s got audio playback too so it can talk to football.

A few years ago, [Matt] made a meat smoker with a PID controller and an SSR. Now the same controller is being used as a sous vide. PID controllers: the most useful kitchen gadget ever.

[Josh] keeps his server in a rack, and lacking a proper cable management solution, this means his rack is a mess. He adapted some Dell wire management arms to his system, using a PCI card bracket to attach the arm to the computer.

[Dr. Dampfpunk] has a lot of glowey things on his Youtube channel

Another [Josh] built a 3D tracking display for an IMU. It takes data off an IMU, sends it over Bluetooth, and displays the orientation of the device on a computer screen. This device also has a microphone and changes the visualization in response to noises.

Remember the pile of failure in a bowl of fraud that is the Scribble pen? Their second crowdfunding campaign was shut down. Don’t worry; they’re still seeking private investment, so there’s still a chance of thousands of people getting swindled. We have to give a shout-out to Tilt, Scribble’s second crowdfunding platform. Tilt has been far more forthcoming with information than Kickstarter ever has with any crowdfunding campaign.

6 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: September 7, 2014

  1. Scribble will be fine.

    All they need is a reddit post (those morons will believe anything) announcing their launch on Indiegogo (those scammers will host anything) and all will be as it should.

  2. Smoking to add flavor, then sous viding, is a winning combo. Now [Matt] has both covered. Knock out some killer meals, dude!

    Sous vide also naturally lends itself to One A Month Cooking (OAMC) methods. Last week, I prepared 25lbs. of meat. Tonight I’ll be serving ribs. They were dry rubbed, smoked, seared, and sous vided in bags containing meal-sized portions. The bags were then frozen. To serve, a bag goes back into the sous vide to defrost and heat. Then I remove the liquid and reduce, before mixing with a bit of BBQ sauce. Brush it on the ribs, top with a sprinkle of dry rub, and broil until caramelized.

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