Third Person Skydiving

GoPros were invented for a few reasons, and skydiving is right at the top of that list. You’ll be hard pressed to find a regular skydiver that doesn’t own at least one of the little cameras, and there are a few examples of helmets with three or four GoPros tacked on.

This is an entirely new application. Yes, you can now film yourself skydiving with a third person view.

[Jason] hacked together this camera rig in an hour by strapping a GoPro on a Nerf Vortex football, tying a length of paracord to the camera mount, and connecting the other end to a hip ring on the parachute harness. It took three flights to get the canopy in the camera’s field of view, but the results are spectacular. It’s a tad bit unstable when turning, but the fins on the Nerf football make for a very, very stable shot.

[Jason] isn’t jumping out of a plane with this contraption already dangling underneath him; the football, camera, and paracord rig isn’t launched until the canopy fully deploys. It’s perfectly safe, but we’ll expect someone to get the idea of strapping a keychain camera to their pilot chute soon.

8 thoughts on “Third Person Skydiving

  1. i dont know what to make of this……it doesnt have 17 arduinos controlling variable surface control planes guided by an infra red transponder worn by the parachutist to guide the camera into the correct field of view all while logging atmospheric conditions to adjust for visual distortions caused by temperature, pressure or humidity……all while simultaneously uploading recorded footage to a cloud server made up of even more aduinos with an arduino to let you know when your uploads are complete so you can have an arduino upload them to facebook and instagram for you…………so clearly this low level of hacking is not fitting for HaD…….

    1. Oh for fuck’s sake! We get it; you’re too kool for skool, you can stop now.

      Seriously, the Arduino hate on Arduino threads got boring long ago but injecting it randomly into everything was tiresome before it began.

      1. Yeah, I don’t understand this irritating “but it doesn’t have an arduino” posting trend. Surely the haters should just be happy that it doesn’t have an arduino or RasPi and move on. It fees like the lame “oldfagging” that happens on 4Chan where new users whinge about how much better things were in the old days.

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