College Dorm Transforms Into High Tech Office

Automatic Desk

College dorms are notoriously tiny; which either forces most students into a life of minimalism, or for [Thomas Hopmans], innovation to overcome the lack of square-footage.

His first step was getting a Murphy bed, which saves tons of space. But he wanted to add a few extra features to his, so instead he decided to make his own! He designed the entire thing in SolidWorks, which might seem like overkill, but he’s an Industrial Design student, and has become quite proficient in the software from his various work internships.

The bed uses pneumatic struts to make lifting and lowering the bed frame easy — the cool part is the mechanism he designed which causes his dual 28″ monitors to pop up from the desk. They’re directly coupled to the bed with a linkage which ensures they’ll never get accidentally crushed by the bed.

He admits he could have just mounted the monitors to the bottom of the bed, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as fun as this.  He estimates the total cost was around $350 for whole thing, which isn’t half bad for a bed… and a desk!

For more information on the project check out the Reddit thread. One thing’s for sure though, it’s certainly a better use of pneumatics compared to this pneumatic bed alarm clock…

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24 thoughts on “College Dorm Transforms Into High Tech Office

    1. Well considering the geekeness of this hack I just assumed she was a hologram. But the more important question is, this being a college dorm where is he equally clever hidden stash?

      1. Well no, they cant afford $20,000 tuition. Thus massive student loan debt. Most college students either don’t have a bed frame at all (can’t get cheaper than free), a bed frame their parents gave to them (free again), or it is made out of 2×4 lumber for about 20 dollars.

        1. It’s a dorm. It probably comes with a basic bed. Some kids bring their own when they have cool space-saving capabilities (like what he built). There is no reason to resort to 2x4s and filing cabinets until you grow out of the dorm and get that first apartment.

          At least that’s how it worked at my college and those of various friends I visited.

    1. Look at the pictures! He has a notebook (the paper kind) sitting between the keyboard and the monitor with space between everything. All he has to do is move the keyboard over and pull the notebook closer if he wants to write.

  1. You people are all sick going on about the girl! He just got there. Clearly that’s his sister seeing him off!

    Now… once he has been there a while and started to actually meet some girls he is going to find he has a problem when he has to flip the bed up to get ot his computer to start the mood music. He can still plug his phone into that stereo I see off to the side though. That will work until he decides he wants the computer to auto-dim the lights with the music.

    He is going to have to code a phone app to remote-control the computer music/mood lighting show. That’s ok though, just picking up the phone and tapping the screen a few times will be far more smooth than saying ‘just a sec’ and heading off to click away at the computer keyboard anyway.

    1. It’s clear enough that he has some build cred. He may or may not have any coding credentials, but a guess would be that he at least knows a guy (or a gal, if I discriminate, I discriminate equally). Some simple remote control code for his phone, tablet, or both; or dispense with all that by putting at least a small mirror on the opposite wall (the wall facing the back of the chair), and using a regular IR remote to control the computer. The possibilities are nearly limitless, at least for anyone willing to use their brain for something other than an alcohol sponge (at least part of the time… don’t want to spoil all his fun).

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