Build Your Own Stand Alone Web Radio

If you’re the type who enjoys passing idle time by keeping up with podcasts or listening to web stations but don’t always want to occupy your laptop or tablet, this Arduino based radio player will provide a base station for tunes.

The Web Radio project by [Vassilis Serasidis] outlines in a pleasing amount of detail exactly how to wire up a short list of four modules. These including an Ethernet shield, LCD screen, MP3 decoder, and USB serial converter, with an Arduino Mini in order to bookmark and play fourteen of your favorite channels. His hand-soldered board couples everything into one neatly stacked package. The instructional video shows this off and he even explains how to locate your favorite stations on and copy their port and IP number directly into an example sketch which is provided for use. If you’ve been wanting to build a self contained radio node for your desk free of extra baggage, this is a no-sweat project for both the hardware savvy and those more oriented with code writing.

If you’re going to build your own radio, it’s always cool to disguise your high-tech creation as something more rustic. Check out this project by [Dominic Buchstaller] for a great example of a vintage radio given a second calling.


11 thoughts on “Build Your Own Stand Alone Web Radio

  1. I made a portable Pandora station in what I assume is the old fashioned way…

    I had a spare Sansa E250r player. It has a MicroSD slot. Stuck a fat pile of my favorite songs on a 2gb card, stuck it in, and set the player to shuffle. Good enough for me! (…and it doesn’t even need WiFi to work… imagine that :P )

  2. Excellent! I didn’t think an Internet radio could be built with an Arduino.

    I have an Arduino UNO board from 2011 (presumably Version 1.0), which I intended to use with my Spacetec SpaceOrb 360; but the manufacturer of the OrbShield discontinued production before I could buy one. Can a first-or second-generation UNO be used to build an Internet radio device like this one?

  3. I like it very much, First of all as a good idea, Second for the way to build-up and assemble all the parts, Third for the use, free from other grat devices as Laptop, Notebook, tablet or Smartphone. Noe a question: I like very much CINEMIX radio at the address that appears to transmit at 128 Kb/s: can this project to be tuned on this station? Thank you and compliment for you skill.

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