Yet Another Awesome Working Prototype Of A PipBoy 3000

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When we’re not busy writing up features on Hack a Day, some of the writers here have some pretty impressive projects on the go. One of our own, [Will Sweatman], just put the finishing touches on this amazing (and functional!) Pipboy 3000!

The funny thing is, [Will] here isn’t actually a very big gamer. In fact, he hasn’t even played Fallout. But when a friend queried his ability to build this so called “PipBoy 3000”, [Will] was intrigued.

His research lead him full circle, right back to here at Hack a Day. We’ve covered several PipBoy builds over the years, and [Will] fell in love with [Dragonator’s] 3D printed version — it was the perfect place to start. You see, [Dragonator] shared all the 3D models on his personal site!

Now this is where it starts to get cool. [Will] is using a 4D systems 4.3″ touch display, which doubles as the microprocessor — in fact, he didn’t even have to write a single line of code to program in it! The hardware can be programmed using the free Workshop 4 IDE, which allows him to use a visual editor to program the device. Watching a YouTube video on the Fallout 3 PipBoy, he was able to recreate all the menus with intricate detail to load onto the device. It even has GPIO which allow him to use buttons to navigate the menus (in addition to the touch screen stylus).

The result is a pretty awesome near perfect replica of the device from Fallout. It could use a coat of paint though.

And a closeup look at the various menus available on [Sweatman’s] customs Pipboy.

10 thoughts on “Yet Another Awesome Working Prototype Of A PipBoy 3000

  1. Well done! It’d be perfect for cosplay or something like that, but it’s not very functional, as in, there is no real data used other than static images for every screen… I’d like to see someone use a proper microcontroller in order to sense and push real time data (from a smartphone via WiFi or BT, since size and space is an issue), or maybe something like a Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black or other similar dev boards for even more utility… But for what it is (a costume piece), he’s done a great job, although It could use a nice coat of paint and some weathering to make it look used and a little beat up…

  2. Would be functional if you made it so one’s phone could be the screen. Then it could function as an alternate style phone clip. Add a pipboy app and you’re good to cosplay. Should be highfive proof as well. ;)

  3. what this is missing is a feed from some of those “wearables” everyone is buzzing about. That way it can show me some actual data…independent of a smartphone. Sweet hack though.

  4. I want to see someone put an STM F3 Discovery into one of these, or an original design gauntlet, and use its sensors for inertial navigation with a local map so it can be used without an external data connection or GPS.

  5. Looks awesome, but i was really sad when he explained that its really just some slideshow.
    I mean, ofc you cant level your shooting skill (because how are you gonna earn the xp? :P) but at least make it do something? idk, add things like a compass, accelerometer, thermometer, radiation sensor, etc.

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