Hackaday.io Land Rush: Vanity URLs

Hurry! Carve out your Hackaday.io homestead with a vanity URL. You can see I’ve already secured hackaday.io/mike, but get in before the rest of Hackaday finds out and you can you have ‘/tom’, ‘/jane’, or ‘/zerocool’. (Don’t do it… you can be more creative than zerocool!)

Whether you already have an account, or if you want to create one right now, the next time you log into Hackaday.io the interface will give you the opportunity to choose your vanity address. Like the Oklahoma land rush, we’re sure there will be a swell of folks looking to squat on the most pristine land. So if your first name is already taken, now is the perfect time to re-invent your perfect username.

For those that need a jump start picking their slug, we want to hear your favorite screen name/handle/user alias of all time in the comments. At the risk of embarassing [Jeff Keyzer], I have to say his alias (and company name) Mighty Ohm is pretty spectacular. Can anyone beat it?

79 thoughts on “Hackaday.io Land Rush: Vanity URLs

      1. Hi mike, seems I have a similar problem. Lion.XL is is use even though it should be assigned to mu user account, and my user account is attached to lin.xl and no way to change it. can you help???

  1. My first name was taken, so I decided to go with simply d. However I got an error message about only alphanumeric was allow. Since when d isn’t part of the alphabet? Now worries I went with http://hackaday.io/pvltech . pvltech being a name I selected for general service business I was preparing when in case oil patch bust of the ’80s ’90scaught up with.However a disabling medical condition hit me first, so I never turned a screw under that business name. Now to create some content. Nice feature Hackaday, thank you.

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