San Francisco Hackaday Hang This Thursday

This Thursday a bunch of us are going to be in San Francisco. Come join in for some after-work drinks!

Part of the crew that builds the platform is located in San Francisco and we’re in town working with them. This happens to be just about the time that the 2014 Hackaday Omnibus will start shipping. Come celebrate with us! We’ve been inviting people on social media and are ecstatic about the guest list. We don’t want to call everyone out since this is a casual thing. But for instance, [Brian] somehow got connected with [Dave Grossman] who co-wrote The Secret of Monkey Island and he’s giving one of the lightning talks. You don’t want to miss this!

Leave a comment below using a valid email and we’ll send you an invite with the details.

54 thoughts on “San Francisco Hackaday Hang This Thursday

  1. any chance a group bus could be arranged, so that those of us who are south bay based could avoid driving, parking, etc? driving into the city is NOT my idea of fun, but I’d love to come along and meet the HAD folks.

    something from the san jose or santa clara area sure would be more convenient. if this is after work, the commute has to be considered (unless you want ONLY city-based folks to attend).

  2. I guess a carpool would be the next best thing to a HAD-provided bus.

    I would be happy to come along on a carpool. I could also drive, but I really do hate city driving – it makes me too tense.

    how could we organize this?

  3. btw, if there are drinks, we need a few designated drivers (if we carpool).

    getting us back to the south bay (for example) after having a few drinks would really be appreciated! not to mention, safer.

    question about the event: is this going to be more of a socializing thing or a demo thing? would it make sense to bring some of our DIY’s with us? or is that going to be too much ‘stuff’? if this is at a bar or restaurant, I guess the demo-DIY idea won’t work.

  4. I am going to San Jose for the “Rockage” chiptune music festival that weekend, and was planning on driving up from LA on Thursday. There is a good chance I will be able to make it up to SF for this event. Can you send me an invite?

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