Life Sized Lego Spaceship Parts

Ah, 1980s space Lego sets. You may think the pirate ship and castle sets are cooler, but you’re wrong, because spaceship. spaceship. spaceship.

These space Lego sets had some very interesting parts, with tiny two-by sloped pieces printed with Lego analogs of computers, monitors, phones, intercoms, speakers, control panels, and everything else that makes a voxellated spaceship fly to the moon. Now, these pieces are functional, and they’re nearly life-size.

[Love Hultén] took these fantastic parts, modeled them, and scaled them up to six times normal Lego dimensions. These blocks were then fitted with buttons, displays, the guts of an old telephone, and all the other accoutrements to make these bricks functional. Two computer blocks can be connected together, and it will play video games with a Lego-shaped controller. The intercom works, and the buttons on control panels can be used to turn on lights.

It should be noted the Lego family is more than just the small bricks that really hurt when you step on them. Duplo, the blocks made for children who would stuff Lego down their own throats, is twice the size of Lego. Quatro are blocks made for toddlers, and are twice the size of Duplo and four times the size of Lego. Since [Love] made blocks that are six times the size of normal Lego blocks, we’ll leave it up to the comments to determine what this class of blocks should be named.

Video below.

18 thoughts on “Life Sized Lego Spaceship Parts

  1. If you happen to be in Gothenburg, Sweden, for the next couple of days you can see these parts live on Linnégatan 5, open 12-18 no funny business, just drop by and have a look. Love Hulten is there most of the time :-)

  2. We can rule out jumbo. Samsonite used that when they still had USA rights to LEGO, they produced really big LEGO bricks (almost size of small gardening bricks), much bigger than Quattro. Sadly it is not backward compatible as LEGO hadn’t invented Quattro, and just released Duplo when they took back USA rights from Samsonite.

  3. Ah, but … the spaceships don’t really fly ? SCAM !
    It’s beautiful. Craving for having a duplo-sized set of space legos now that I think of it. (Blue, black & grey, maybe white – of course, the rest is heresy).

  4. :s/because spaceship. spaceship. spaceship./because I’M SOOO FUNNY, DON’T YOU AGREE!?!?!?1/1/1//all making vim syntax comment is so fresh it never gets annoying and I always fit in. If you agree, be sure to reply with either just a “+1” or “beat me to it” comment because they are a great contribution to this discussion that is never garbage.

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