Chill With Hackaday This Saturday After BAMF

It’s that time of year again, the pilgrimage to see and be seen in the Bay Area for Maker Faire. We’re excited to explore what people have been feverishly trying to finish up over the last weeks and months. But all that rubbernecking is tiring, and it makes us thirsty. It is with great joy that we officially announce Hackaday’s Second Annual BAMF Meetup.

Last year we closed our eyes and landed a finger on the Google Map. Further inspection revealed our digit had landed on O’Neil’s Irish Pub. It’s just our kind of place, nice with a comforting hint of dive-bar, plenty of seating, and a great drink selection. So we’re doing it again this year.

We’ll be there on Saturday starting at 7pm. Be so kind as to RSVP just to tell us know you’re coming. We love seeing what hardware people bring; last year we oohed and aahed over a top-secret smartphone prototype shown off alongside all the home-builds people were pulling out of pockets and backpacks.

You have to do something with your Saturday nights… This decision is an easy one to make. See you in a few days!

11 thoughts on “Chill With Hackaday This Saturday After BAMF

  1. did you guys reserve a meeting or function room of some kind? I’m wondering how the logistics work. I’ve never brought hardware demos with me to a bar before (lol) and I’d like to bring some of my diy gear with me, but just curious how it all works. once we have a show-n-tell, is there going to be a safe area we can store our stuff in while we tip a few back?

    1. This is basically hanging out at a bar so I recommend hardware that fits in a backpack or pocket. If you get there right when it starts you’ll be able to stake out a table but last year we packed the place pretty quick.

      1. I guess its too late to change, but a bar that has a back room or function room really would have been a bit better. I can’t quite wrap my head about how to bring a power-based demo (needing 110vac) to a bar. tables won’t have electricity and it would be kind of odd to have a box bigger than a phone (say) at the bar.

        any chance we can make this a bit easier on the demo-bringers? I’d really like to bring a few of my DIYs but they are much larger than would comfortably fit at a bar or even a restaurant table.

        1. You’ve got it all wrong. You just bring it and ask for forgiveness. If it’s cool enough, we’ll find a way to get it running.

          Point taken on getting some place with a separate room, though. It’s tough finding a space that has everything.

          1. one suggestion for another time: hotels have function rooms and there are also bars (often on the same floor) for those that want to go have a drink. on the plus side, you get a safe and usually quiet meeting area and you have power, tables, etc. that would be, perhaps, an easier venue choice for people bringing hardware with them.

  2. Is this place within walking distance of Maker Faire? I’m heading out this weekend and will be relying on public transportation. How do I get there from the Faire without a car?

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