Weekly Winners: Stickvise

We’re in the middle of an epic run to award $50,000 in loot to Hackaday Prize entries this summer. This week we doled out a Stickvise low-profile PCB vise to 65 different projects! This actually started out as a really great project on Hackaday.io.

Winners are listed below, please check out their projects; skull the ones you find awesome and leave your words of encouragement as comments on those projects. Then get to work and submit something of your own. Your odds of winning during these weekly giveaways are quite good. Our recommendation for your best chances at winning are to polish up the information you’re sharing — tell the whole story of what you’ve done so far and what you plan to do. Post some images whether pictures of the prototype, renders of what you are working on, or hand-drawn diagrams from the back of a napkin.

Normally we launch the following week’s contest in this winner-announcement post. But we’re changing it up a bit this time around. Look for a post on Monday that shares all the details of what is coming next!

Last Week’s Winners of 65 Stickvise

Each project creator will find info on redeeming their prize as a message on Hackaday.io.

The 2015 Hackaday Prize is sponsored by:

23 thoughts on “Weekly Winners: Stickvise

  1. I looked at the stickvise, I admired the brilliant design, I set it aside as ‘something to own/make when I’m richer’ and decided not to write a project log explaining why I need one for my entry because, frankly, I don’t :P. And then I won one anyway! Thank you so much Hackaday!!! These giveaways are a huge source of motivation and make it a ton of fun being part of the comp even if we don’t stand a chance at the grand prizes.

    If you haven’t entered yet, go do it now! Find a simple idea that you may possibly one day do, get it up on hackaday.io, get feedback, win some cool small prizes and enjoy taking part :)

  2. YES! I really wanted to win a Stickvise to help me whilst populating, and soldering, my somewhat fiddly layout of the Timstock Slim… https://hackaday.io/project/5622-timstock-slim-a-tool-for-the-autistic
    I think the Stickvise is one of those tools that when you finally get one you don’t know how you managed before… ;)

    Keep up with the weekly winners because it really encourages us tinkerers to do better, and to also try things that we might not have looked at for various reasons… Myself is having great fun with a LightBlue Bean at the moment!

  3. Thanks HaD and Alex Rich. This is a good tool to have for doing prototypes. When it rains, it pours. I’ll share my new stickvises among friends. :)

    I like the fact that the PCB is lifted up, so it is going to help insulate the board from the work surface for hot air SMT work. i.e. no burnt tables and board stays hot. :) Currently, I rest the board on top of a Pin Grid style heatsink (pin side up) for that. One small board I am working on got a connector on the opposite side and it is literally a balancing act to rework on it. I messed up forgetting to order bottom entry connectors for that BOM.

    The heavy base means my small protos would be heavy enough to stay on the table and not get dragged away by scope probes, power supply cables etc. If you get yourself a microscope, you are going to appreciate that the board stays horizontal – you can move the board around and get it in focus easily.

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