CCCamp 2015 Rad1o Badge

Conference badges are getting more complex each year. DEFCON, LayerONE, Shmoocon, The Next Hope, Open Hardware Summit, The EMF, SAINTCON, SXSW Create, The Last Hope, TROOPERS11, ZaCon V and of course the CCC, have all featured amazing badges over the years. This years CCCamp 2015 rad1o badge is taking things several notches higher. The event will run from 13th through 17th August, 2015.

The rad1o Badge contains a full-featured SDR (software defined radio) transceiver, operating in a frequency range of about 50 MHz – 4000 MHz, and is software compatible to the HackRF One open source SDR platform. The badge uses a Wimax transceiver which sends I/Q (in-phase/quardrature-phase) samples in the range of 2.3 to 2.7 GHz to an ARM Cortex M4 CPU. The CPU can process the data standalone for various applications such as FM radio, spectrogram display, RF controlled power outlets, etc., or pass the samples to a computer using USB 2.0 where further signal processing can take part, e.g. using GnuRadio. The frequency range can be extended by inserting a mixer in the RF path. Its got an on-board antenna tuned for 2.5GHz, or an SMA connector can be soldered to attach an external antenna. There’s a Nokia 6100 130×130 pixel LCD and a joystick, which also featured in the earlier CCCamp 2011 badge known as the r0ket.

A 3.5mm TRRS audio connector allows hooking up a headphone and speaker easily. The LiPo battery can be charged via one of the USB ports, while the other USB port can be used for software updates and data I/O to SDR Software like GnuRadio. Check out the project details from their Github repository and more from the detailed wiki which has information on software and hardware. There’s also a Twitter account if you’d like to follow the projects progress.

This years Open Hardware Summit also promises an awesome hackable badge. We’ll probably feature it before the OHS2015 conference in September.

Thanks to [Andz] for tipping us off about this awesome Badge.

9 thoughts on “CCCamp 2015 Rad1o Badge

  1. Camp Ticket costs 220 euro.

    Narrative is “We are very sorry that it has to be this expensive blah blah..”

    Cheapest “social” ticket is 180 Euro.

    Yet you get a badge where just the fpga costs 15 Dollar, not counting all other components.(Whats that summed up? > 50 dollar I guess.. )

    It that a useful spending of money/resources/donations?
    For a PCB that, although awesome, very few people attending the camp will ever use?

    Please stop the “My pe^H^H badge is bigger than yours” madness and start using donations and money for stuff that is actually useful for more than very few people.


    1. Note that some of the more expensive components are apparently sponsored/donated directly by the companies that produce them. They likely would not sponsor the equivalent sum in cash.

    2. I can tell you that due to some quite generous hardware sponsoring the cost for the badge is definitely smaller than the price reduction you get on the “social” ticket. And if you still hate the badge after playing with it during camp, you will probably find people willing to buy it from you.

    3. the badge will probably be sponsored at large parts, at least thats what i expect.
      the work of the people behind the badge is volunteered and unpaid as usual.
      the hackrf costs >300 usdso getting into this kind of experimantation is pricey, maybe this will change now?
      i see great potential in this project and i am glad it is happening.

      thank you all for your work.

  2. Don’t worry, the badge is mainly sponsored. The ticket prize is that “high” to provide the whole infrastructure such as power, water and network in the middle of nowhere. Thats why the camp is the camp, and not the congress.

  3. The only thing I find a bit rude about project is stealing the PID from the HackRF One, even the older Jawbreaker has a septate PID.
    … snip …
    #if (defined HACKRF_ONE || defined RAD1O)
    #define USB_PRODUCT_ID (0x6089)
    #elif JAWBREAKER
    #define USB_PRODUCT_ID (0x604B)
    #define USB_PRODUCT_ID (0xFFFF)
    … snip …

    Yes it will allow any software that currently works with the HackRF One to work with this badge, and since it is only a 4 day event I can see the logic in having tested working software available before the event.

  4. I saw they were selling them on ebay, 12 pieces, now there is only one, price is autobidded (by bot), I tried bidding from 120€ to 190€, I’m always outbidded by 1€ in less than 1 second. I don’t think it’s worth more than 190€ as the real hackRf blue is 200€, hackrf ONE is 300€…
    Anyway , if someone has this badge, i would buy it for reasonable price. Or HackRF, or BladeRF or Ettus research B200.

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