Hackaday Links: August 2, 2015

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Over the last few years, Maker’s Asylum in Mumbai has grown from a garage to a very well stocked workspace with 140 members. They’re getting kicked out at the end of the month and they need some help. We just had a meetup at the Delhi branch of Maker’s Asylum, and these guys and gals are really cool.

Speaking of crowdfunding campaigns for hackerspaces, South Central Pennsylvania might be getting its own hackerspace. The 717 area code is a vast wasteland when it comes to anything anyone reading Hackaday would consider interesting, despite there being plenty of people who know their way around CNC machines, soldering irons, and welders. This needs to happen.

Need some help with Bluetooth standards? Tektronix has you covered with a gigantic poster of the physical layer. If only there were a repository of these handy, convenient reference posters.

Forgings and castings make for great YouTube videos, and this aluminum bell casting is no exception. There’s about 18 pounds of aluminum in there, which is pretty large as far as home casting goes.

Electronic Goldmine has an assortment of grab bags – spend a few dollars get a bag of chips, LEDs, diodes, or what have you. What’s in these grab bags? [alpha_ninja] found out. There’s some neat stuff in there, except for the ‘SMD Mixture’ bag.

Remember the found case molds for the Commodore 64C that became a Kickstarter? It’s happening again with the Amiga 1200. This is a new mold with a few interesting features that support the amazing amount of upgrades that have come out for this machine over the years. Being new molds, the price per piece is a little high, but that’s your lesson in manufacturing costs for the day.

8 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: August 2, 2015

  1. Nice write up on the Goldmine grab bags.

    When I was a kid I got parts from a mail order place called Poly Paks. They had grab bags too but I stopped buying them when I realized they were likely floor sweepings from a TV factory somewhere. You’d get some transistors, resistors, a bent 3″ piece of wire, small lock washers, lint, maybe a gum wrapper…

    Good times.

  2. Stay away from Electronics Goldmine! A lot of the stuff they send out does not match the description and their customer service is pretty awful as well. No, 74Fxx is not a fine replacement for this 3v circuit I ordered a 74HCxx part for from you…

  3. A dollar store I used to frequent, ~25 years ago, would sell electronics grab bags (basically floor sweepings). As they were clear bags, I was able to preview what was in them and cherry pick. I probably bought a dozen or so…

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