Automated Bubble Gun Just Because

After a recent trip to Disney Land, [Thomas] came home with an electric bubble gun. [Thomas] is a full-grown man. But since when did that stop us having fun blowing bubbles?? Obviously, a project was to be had using this fun little toy. So he decided to automate it.

So after taking some measurements with his trusty calipers, [Thomas] got on the computer and started designing an enclosure for the bubble gun using SolidWorks. It’s pretty simple. He designed it to hold the bubble gun in place, and allow him to attach a small RC servo motor in order to trigger the switch. Hooking that up to an Arduino Micro and he was now able to trigger it remotely.

The cool part about this project is he did the whole thing in just under 2 hours. He even coded while he waited for the parts to print out. Next up, an army of WiFi controlled automated bubble guns!

Not enough bubbles for you? How about 14,000 a minute?

12 thoughts on “Automated Bubble Gun Just Because

  1. He has a drastically different definition of the word “automate” than myself.

    A) A cam is a much more appropriate mechanism which would have drastically simplified this design.

    B) Where is the Matlab/OpenCV code? I was expecting image segmentation, face detection, or object tracking. This thing doesn’t even have a camera on it!

  2. Aah! Liquids and naked electronics, especially on the bottom where stuff drips to.
    I would sooner hack a mega-bubble blower or kilo-per second bubble blower. The first has been featured here but the burp gun of bubble blowing?

  3. There is a much easier solution. WLToys makes several different guns (darts, water and bubbles) that are supposed to be mounted on quadcopters. You can easily use those in your projects.

    1. In tonight’s news, [Rodney McKay] was expelled from school and charged as a terrorist for bringing a gun to school. The police chief, in response to [McKay]’s statement that, “It’s just a BUBBLE gun! It shoots BUBBLES!”, responded by saying, “A bubble could have popped right next to somebody’s eye! Have you ever had soap in your eyes? It stings like the dickens!! Or, y’know what? It could have been explosive bubbles! We just can’t take any risks when it comes to something connected to a battery and has blinky lights.

  4. Sorry, but seeing servo-operated switches like this pains me. It’d be far neater just to replace the internal switch with a relay; Using a servo to push the trigger just feels like a massive bodge.

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