The HEXXX Gaming Console

Worried about bringing a project to demo at CCC15 (The Chaos Communication Camp), [Anthony Liekens] had to act fast. He would have brought his giant Flying Spaghetti-Monster Display (FSM for short), but unfortunately it wouldn’t fit in his car. So, looking around his garage he realized he had a pile of extra RGB LEDs, and a broken iCade Core. The gears in his head started turning and he came up with the idea for the HEXXX Gaming Console.

So what is it? It’s a hexagonal console designed for three-person gaming — like his Tron for Three and Pong for Three — he even has a 6 player Flappy Bird clone! From conception to reality, it took a mere ten stressful evenings to complete… The end result is quite fantastic.

And if you want to make your own, he’s got all the info you need, including laser cutter plans. Not to mention he even wrote a HEXXX simulator so you can build apps without the hardware!

In case you don’t remember [Anthony] was gracious enough to offer us a place to stay at Open Garage during our Hackerspacing in Europe tour! Thanks again [Anthony!]

10 thoughts on “The HEXXX Gaming Console

  1. Great build but I have one suggestion.

    Mains voltage cable (Brown, Blue, Geen/yellow) has been used for low voltage wiring. That could cause dangerous confusion.

    Buy some trailer cable – 7 colors in a reasonable gauge.

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