Rick’s P-p-portal Gun

For this Halloween, [Dave Dalton] went all out on his [Rick] costume from the cartoon Rick and Morty. He designed and 3D printed a portal gun. No, not from Portal. Rick’s Portal gun, set for Reality C137.

He built it at Kansas City’s makerspace, called the Hammerspace Workshop. A 3D printed shell closely matches the cartoon depiction of the Portal Gun, but besides looking realistic — it actually works! You see [Dave] actually went and stuffed a pico projector inside so the gun would actually project portals when you use it — with sound effects even.

But our favorite part of the video is probably [Dave’s] excellent imitation of [Rick’s] drunken slurs.

I-i-inside this housing here, we-we-we’ve got all kinds of cool electronic gizmos, we-we got some stuff from Adafruit…

In case you were hoping for a “real” portal gun — from Portal, take a look at this beautiful recreation that was made from scratch.

[via Reddit]

14 thoughts on “Rick’s P-p-portal Gun

  1. Great project…but -10 because they’re selling the project instructions/build files etc. rather than sharing them.

    Given that the projector alone is ~$150 I don’t think they’re going to get rich on this.

  2. There are a few things I would tinker with to make it more kickin.

    *Green laser pointer,
    *A test tube with small clear pieces of mirror, lab slide glass, green beer bottle.
    *Mini-DC rotor to keep the tube spinning.

    Something similar to

    Don’t use “green laser kaleidoscope” as the only results are disco style beam splitters.

    The part I HAVEN’T figured out is yet would be to mix:
    *Xenon (or Krypton) and Sodium vapor

    And build a toy plasma globe that is green discharging
    Ideally inside a clear Christmas tree ornament (obviously in a protective plexi cylinder)

    Granted a Magic Eye Vacuum Tube would work but I haven’t seen a bespoke built a magic eye tube.

    1. “I’m going to ya know miss Cronenberg world because everyone was Cronenberged all along like us from the beginning ya know. I mean I wish we hadn’t genetically ruined Cronenberg World beyond repair like we did ya know and turned everyone into regular normal people.” —Cronenberg Morty to Cronenberg Rick

      *Urp*, Do you even timeline? C137 is Cronenberged with the exception of *urp* Jerry, Beth and Summer. Occam applied the only valid solution is you are an alien parasite.

      1. Actually we only really know that Rick is from C137 the Morty he pals around with might not be. We don’t know that the earth he Cronenberged up was actually in dimension C137.

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