Light Up Your Day With This LED Clock

We love clocks, and [Chris] got our attention with the internet enabled Light Clock. Time is displayed via RGB LED strip in a number of different ways around a 3D printed white disk. All the modes are based on two selectable colors to indicate hours and minutes, either in a gradient fashion or a hard stop.

Light is provided by a 144 LED neopixel strip and is powered by a beefy 4 amp 5 volt power supply, which also powers the controller. Brains are provided by a ESP8266 powered NodeMCU-12E board, and software is written using ESP8266 for Arduino core.

Being a WiFi enabled micro controller it is a simple matter of connecting to the clock using WiFi and using the embedded web pages to select your local timezone, color palette, and display mode. The correct time is set by network and will never be wrong. While there is a Kickstarter for selling the finished project, instructions and software are provided for making your own if you wish.

Join us after the break for the promotional Kickstarter and demonstration video

12 thoughts on “Light Up Your Day With This LED Clock

  1. It looks like a bomb!
    All kidding aside… Great looking product albeit a very cryptic to try to tell time. As a guest you’d only have a 50% chance of getting the time right without being told the pattern, or you would just have to stare at it for a while to see which color was moving, which might be kind of soothing I suppose.

  2. So is it 120 LEDs or 144? Video says 120 and hackaday says 144. And there’s no actual picture of the LEDs mounted to the case. I guess I could read the code if I wasn’t too lazy.

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