Hairband Lights Up Depending On Your Mood

After learning how to use the ESP8266, [Chirag Nagpal] decided to do a fun project to experiment that polls data from Twitter. He calls it the Sentiband, and it analyses your last tweet’s sentiment and changes color accordingly.

There is an API available called Sentiment140 (Formerly ‘Twitter Sentiment’) which is capable of determining the emotional content of a tweet on Twitter. It uses classifiers built from machine learning, and was developed at Stanford by a few CS graduates. We’ve seen it used before on a Christmas tree ornament on a much larger scale, analyzing all holiday tweets to light up your tree.

[Chirag’s] version allows you to set a username and display the latest sentiment of that user’s tweets hidden in the subtext. Three LEDs light up; green for a positive tweet, red for negativity, and blue for neutral.

Obviously the hairband is just a prototype, but with a bit of refinement we could see this being used for some interactive brand launch.

13 thoughts on “Hairband Lights Up Depending On Your Mood

  1. Could remodel different ways that I would actually wear. Hide the board and battery inside of a flower offset on the headband and either light up the flower with the LEDs, or hide LED string lights under ribbon across the top.

    1. Yeah the HAD comment filter makes no sense to me. Often my comment are along the line of awesome project, cover that PCB with a flower and I would totally buy that. That gets blocked for some reason, but then I post this. Shut your fucking face, Uncle Fucka. You’re the one that fucked your uncle, Uncle Fucka. You don’t eat or sleep or mow the lawn. You just fuck your uncle all day long. Somehow that posts immediately, I don’t get it. For the love of god just use Akismet.

      1. It usually works if people pay attention to the ‘your comment is under moderation’ thing that pops up…. when your comment is under moderation. Don’t blame me, I’m not the guy who designed the mess of bullshit that is the comments here. I just have to use it.

        > For the love of god just use Akismet

        We do. The backend is still a shitshow. I can tell you where to get cheap uggs and Coach outlet, though

  2. With a couple aesthetic tweaks, I would wear this. I’d suggest putting the board and battery under a large flower and either light up the flower with the LEDs or switch them out for LED string lights and hide them under ribbons across the top.

  3. “Let’s get emotional girls to all wear mood rings,
    So well be tipped off to when they’re ticked off, yeah we’ll know just what they’re thinking, just what they’re thinking….”
    -Relient K

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