Herring Bone Bed With Secret Compartment

Why buy a bed when you can make an even fancier one — with a hidden compartment!? After [Vitiello] couldn’t quite find a bed frame he liked, he decided to make his own, using a herringbone pattern for the woodwork.

We’ve shared quite a few awesome home-made kid’s beds lately, like this beautifully hacked IKEA bed (complete with a hidden room!) and this Avenger’s themed Helicarrier bed, featuring a remote control dart turret. So after we got over feeling jealous that we weren’t three feet tall and able to have a bed as awesome as those, we saw this herringbone bed. And while it doesn’t have a hidden room, it does have a pretty awesome secret compartment which helps ease the pain.

Built out of about $250 worth of cedar planks, [Vitiello] did a great job with both the design and build. He purposefully made the headboard rather thick to accommodate an LED lit shelf, and of course, the hidden compartment accessible from the side. And since he could, the LEDs are remote controlled — and of course color changing.

[via r/DIY]

7 thoughts on “Herring Bone Bed With Secret Compartment

  1. I am curious how one would sand wood assembled in a herringbone pattern, especially in the center where all the ends butt up against each other at right angles. Seems like you would always be sanding against the grain somewhere…

  2. I prefer a bed that allows me to easily clean all the dust that collects underneath with a vacuum cleaner or has at least enough space so the roomba can go collect the dirt there when he passes thru that room. If you ever not clean that space for a few weeks you’ll be surprised how much dust gets collected under your bed.

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