Hackaday Europe: Call For Proposals

Hackaday is coming to Europe in April. The world’s most superb conference on hardware creation starts with you. Please submit your proposal to present a talk or workshop at 2016 Hackaday | Belgrade, Hackaday’s first-ever European conference.

Put it on your calendar: Saturday, April 9th in Belgrade, Serbia. We have a lineup spanning from 10am to 2am, and we’re building on the best of the inaugural SuperConference we held last November: a single track of hardware talks which will run concurrently with a set of hands-on workshops. The surprise hit from that conference was badge hacking, which will be expanded and extended into the wee hours of the morning. While that is in progress, a party with two stages will spin up with performances by Infinite Jest, Grupa TI, and DJ sets.

Tickets go on sale the first week of February. Voja Antonic, who does amazing work with PCBs and badge designs, is building the conference badge. The cost of the admission will be just enough to cover the cost of the badge. We’re keeping the admission cost so low to help offset your travel costs. Belgrade is gorgeous in April, and getting there from other parts of Europe is very affordable. This event will sell out so get organized and make sure you and your fellow hardware hackers get tickets early.

Many of the Hackaday crew will be on hand. We’re likely to have a less-formal meetup (hangover brunch?) on Sunday. Check out the Hackaday | Belgrade planning page to discuss this and learn more about the conference as it comes together. See you in Belgrade!

38 thoughts on “Hackaday Europe: Call For Proposals

    1. Belgrade is a part of Serbia which existed long time before America was discovered. Our battle from year 1389. saved Europe to become Islam state. If you continue to have so much prejudice I’ll request from moderator to remove you for good. Btw, Tesla, the God of Hackers, Waterpolo, Basket team, Volleyball are all from Serbs. Ask yourself who is Number 1 and be happy to come to Serbia to try our food: Pljeskavica, Ajvar i Kajmak.

    2. I am guessing you have never been to Belgrade and your only association is with it is a war from a few decades ago. BTW the Kazahstan is a country not a city and I am actually planing to visit it next year when they will be hosting Wolrd Expo on Future Energy. London is expensive as fuck. For the price of taxi fare from Heathrow to London you will have a night in a nice hotel in Belgrade since turist seaston is mostly in the summer and arround new year as a party destination for young people. With the river full of boats nightclubs with difrend kinds of music.

  1. Well, so much for attending for me. No direct flights from the Netherlands. And the two options i have are either way, way too expensive (1000 euro’s) or way way too slow (12hour trip including a six hour stopover…)

  2. Yay! It’s very close to where we are located (Bulgaria), but… Serbia is not EU member yet, this means no low cost flights for people from EU destinations and *expensive* rooming (IIRC EUR 5-6 per minute) and internet for people with EU cell phone sim cards. Anywhere in EU people can talk and use cellular internet for cents (ruled by EU regulations), but the greedy telecom operators just watch you to step in non-EU country to slay your head :) Few days without phone and internet will be pain … :) so overall odd place to choose to make European event, probably will end up more like local Balkans countries event

    1. To say what’;s wrong with all those countries would take quite a few pages to describe ;)
      And get quite heated, and many of us banned, and not from HaD but from the internet altogether I fear..

  3. Wow that’s far away.. why not a more known location / more frequently visited location? (as said before: england, germany, spain, france, italy, etc.) . it seems HaD just threw a pin at a map and hoped it didn’t land in the sea.

  4. How many tickets will be available? Will the event be cancelled if (god forbid) not enough/all tickets are sold?
    I’m considering booking a flight and hotel in advance, but I consider it to be a waste of my time and money if the event is cancelled.

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