Most Beautiful Mini-Galaga-Pi Ever!

The problem with click-bait titles, besides the fact that they make the reader feel cheated and maybe a little bit dirty for reading the article, is that they leave us with nothing to say when something is truly outstanding. But the video of [Tiburcio de la Carcova] building up a mini-Galaga cabinet (complete with actual tiny CRT screen from an old portable 5″ TV) is actually the best we’ve ever seen.

Plywood is laser-cut. Custom 3D printed parts are manufactured and assembled, including the joysticks and coin door. Aluminum panels are cut on a bandsaw and bent with a hand brake. Parts are super-glued. In short, it’s a complete, sped-up video of the cutting-edge of modern DIY fab. If that’s not enough reason to spend four minutes of your time, we don’t know what is.

[Tiburcio] has also made a mini Space Invaders, and is thinking of completing the top-20 of his youth. Pacman, Asteroids, and Missile Command are next. We can’t wait.

There are (ahem) a couple of Raspberry-Pi-powered video game emulators on Hackaday, so it’s a little awkward to pick one or two to link in. We’ll leave you with this build that also uses a small CRT monitor to good effect albeit in less-fancy clothing.

21 thoughts on “Most Beautiful Mini-Galaga-Pi Ever!

    1. I would think the France bit would help actually. So all you need now is to get a fake birth certificate. And the market for those is probably large and they are widely available I bet.
      Oh and you need to make sure you look cute.

    1. haha, I take your point. Well maybe this will calm you down. For the CRT i’m currently hacking it by injecting straight RGB signals directly into the neck to get true RGB and avoid the composite. First I tried to inject the RGB to the OSD but this particular TV chip it only have B-G inputs so was not a chance. That this part qualify as hacky enough Monsieur?

  1. Great project, well executed, but – and this isn’t meant as a slight – I’d love to see some arcade cabinet builds that involve modern games that were never and will never be in an actual arcade (arcades are all but dead here in England anyway, except in more touristy seaside towns). I would *love* to see a well-executed Nuclear Throne arcade cabinet.

  2. This isn’t a hack this is a full on friggin’ build, very nice. Also I wish I had this guys workshop but considering I also don’t have this guys talent it might not be worth while.

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