Ancient Fonts Are Fontastic!

Doing some 8-bit ASCII art, but can’t remember where you left your copy of MicroKnight for the Amiga? Or maybe you just need some low-res-but-high-style bitmap fonts to go with your LED pixel array. No fear! is cataloguing old text-mode fonts for you. has a slew of new and old text art from both the Amiga and PC scenes. Rendering some of these correctly really relies on having the right font, so the parser piece reads many different art file formats and renders them with the requested fonts. There’s ASCII, sure, but also ICE Draw, PCBoard, Artworx, and many more. But piece needs the right fonts to do its work, which brings us back to

So whether you’re interested in new or old text-mode art, or just in need of some pixels to push around, have a look at And if you see any ROMs out there with interesting fonts, let them know.

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14 thoughts on “Ancient Fonts Are Fontastic!

    1. Oh, those were the days, weren’t they? Staying up late at night to perfect my ASCII drawings on TheDraw, constantly looking at other people’s ASCII artwork to learn new tips and techniques, sharing software with the other local sysops (did I say that one out loud?), actually writing my own ASCII editor in QuickBASIC because I needed a feature that TheDraw didn’t have…
      I kinda miss the fun of running a BBS back in the mid 90s. There’s nothing quite like that anymore. I would love to bring the Assylum BBS (no, that is not a typo) back to life someday, but that will never happen again. Once in a lifetime I guess.

  1. Hah! The HaD children think this something old. Real hackers know better. The first thing you do when you truly pwn a new machine is customize your SSH login banner! And then there’s motd (yes we can still change this no matter how hard you try to make it Mark Shuttleworth – you Evil Bastard!) Now, bring on the ASCII Pr0n!

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