Mini Quadcopter Becomes Paper Airplane

Several of us got Cheerson CX-10 mini quadcopters last year. We even bought some more to hand out as Christmas gifts. If you haven’t seen them, they are diminutive little flyers about the size of an English muffin. Thee’s no denying they are fun to fly around the house, and they do annoy the dogs.

However, like all cute toys, you eventually get bored just buzzing the dogs and cats. [JustforFun Media TK] decided that his needed a facelift, so he converted it into a paper airplane. This isn’t the paper airplane you folded up in school, either. This is a slick-looking jet aircraft.

Of course, it is still a quadcopter at heart, so–as you can see in the video below–the craft can take off and land vertically. It can also turn on a dime, as you might expect.

We’ve seen other pretty cool quadcopters. Perhaps this one isn’t as awesome as the SkyProwler, but it is a lot easier to build, too.

12 thoughts on “Mini Quadcopter Becomes Paper Airplane

  1. What? Another quadcopter covered in paper and foam? Hardly a hack in my opinion. This is the second one today.. no-In a row! I could print out a miniature death star and the internet goes wild because it’s just so novel after I tape it to a toy helicopter. The next one should be a painting of Icarus, and the video should show it flying into a campfire.

  2. Since it was just yesterday that Canadian government announced it has formed a Cabinet committee to shepherd high-profile defense purchases, including those of fighter aircraft, as replacement for the CF-18 fighter jets, this should be one of the first aircraft they should consider. Given the current state of our economy, these are about what we can afford.

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