Colin Furze Gets Burned

Consider this a public service announcement. [Colin Furze], besides being a raging lunatic, seems to have the nine lives of a cat. Well, he’s not always so lucky, and now that we’ve recovered from being grossed out by the results, we’re glad that [Colin] posted this “fail” video.

Basically, he’s firing up one of his jet engines, and there’s a big fireball. He wasn’t wearing any protective clothing. This is hardly a spoiler — please don’t watch the video below if you’re grossed out by people visiting the doctor’s office to get their horrible second degree burns all up and down their forearm treated. You’ve probably learned the lesson already just by looking at the preview image.

Naturally, we’ve covered [Colin]’s videos before. He’s either very lucky or a little bit more careful than he lets on. We’ve seen him play with fire and not get burned, and stick a jet engine on a go-kart. We’re not gonna tell you what to do, but if that were us, we’d be wearing at least long sleeves and a helmet.

You have [Keith O] to blame for this tip!

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      1. Steve Irwin featured many shots of close calls with crocs. He died afte a Manta ray was spooked and its tail barb pierced his heart. Probably just trying to get away. I understand it was a freak occurrence and he was probably being safer than most times when he was killed. I’ve seen divers tag Mantas with a pole and they are just not that aggressive.

      1. I don’t care about your feelings for the man, the fact is much of what he did would not be allowed these days, because it is considered cruel or harmful to animals. Anyway the point was about guys “pushing the envelope” and taking risks.

    1. I’m amazed he’s still alive. Perhaps it will be something small that kills him. An exploding coin cell to the eye. I can see it being something involving a key and a kite in a thunder storm,trying to get into space via balloons with rockets for the last couple of miles.

        1. Even in the most tightly controlled systems in the world (nuclear reactors, etc..), unexpected problems can happen. You can either be a fu**ing pu**y and do nothing or you can add a bit of calculated risk and make your life more exciting.

  1. That fire must have been pretty hot for him to get burned from only a half second fireball, then again it is a jet engine so we are talking about compressed fuel and ignition. Maybe 800F+?

    1. He is very lucky there was not a flashback and shrapnel from a ruptured pressure chamber.

      The fact he does not take safety seriously is not edgy or cool, and using the same defective apparatus twice makes him a danger to anyone in the blast radius.

      Narcissistic personality disorders can be difficult, and he will likely escalate this behaviour until the unfortunate conclusion.

        1. Still, home-made jet engines… You’d want a proper safety screen, some safety gear. A guy could easily kill himself. It’s fun to laugh at danger, but eventually you will kill yourself. There’s a point where you need to start taking it seriously. If he can build a jet engine, I’m sure he can get hold of some thick perspex or whatever and build himself a barrier, run the jet by remote control.

          1. If you think a home made jet engine is what will kill him then I suggest NOT looking at some of his other videos. This is quite tame from a safety point of view to some of his stuff.

    1. Is this related to their new(ish) “pay for content model” / new hiring spree / pay people as independent contractors on a per article basis? I mean, it’s interesting and I have not searched to see if it was covered here before or not. I don’t recall reading this article here before but either way, it’s not exactly current news either. Seems to be a bit of that going on lately.

  2. Oh, Colin. I’m glad you’re okay, but this should be gas safety 101-check for leaks first, ventilate and stand well away during ignition.
    On a side note-propane? Note to all-heavier than air, pools in low spots.
    Seriously, glad you’re okay. That could have gone far worse.

    1. I was taught to get a common kitchen sponge and saturate it with a high concentration of dish washing detergent and water and the squeeze it over gas connections that were being checked and look for any bubbles.

      1. I doesn’t have to be that messy. Use 50% water 50% dish washing soap and a hard brush. make plenty of foam when brushing it on (this fails of there is still a lot of oil around) make sure everything is covered, and look for bubbles that become larger. Use a good light and a mirror to check sides you can’t otherwise see. This works much better than all the spry-on leak detectors I have tried.

      1. Asbestos isn’t a danger when in place (including in protective clothing), it is manufacturing and removing/destroying (no recycling!) the items that are the problem.

  3. He’s lucky he only got what is just a really, really bad sunburn, but if you play with fire your going to get burned, or your going to tighten the gas connectors, it’s really up to you.

    1. Second degree burns means down to the muscle. That’s a bit worse than sunburn. He’s gonna have a hell of a scar. One day it’ll be his face, and if he survives he’s gonna be letting the world know how unwise he was every time he goes out in public.

      I don’t imagine being blind’s a huge laugh either.

      Normally I’m not against taking more risks than you should, but this guy’s just stupid. For such a smart guy.

  4. I would have thought you would smell the propane at that concentration. If I can smell it, I’m surely not lighting anything.

    Yeah, and sleeves would have helped heaps.

  5. I am really suprised that all that burning was done in a second, I thought if he pulled out fast enough he would have been fine. It’s a good job I am not a fireman.

  6. This is why I stopped welding. Only I had 3rd degree burns, not second. It really is only a matter of time if you’re working with fire and you don’t take absolutely every precaution.

    1. Oh!, so the “degree” system is backwards then. I have had “full dermal” burns and they are different in a number of ways. One of which is that it burns out the nerves.

        1. 3rd degree and “full dermal” or “full thickness” burns are the same thing. They burn out the nerves and require grafting. It’s been 2 years since it happened to me, and I still don’t have much feeling on my left pectoral and shoulder. I regained flexibility though, thanks to a lot of hours of forcing myself to do pull-ups.

  7. not that bad a burn, i got hit by a natural gas explosion that shredded the sleeve of my coat off my arm, and threw me back about 10 feet, the top of my forearm was black as my keyboard, the hospital immediately removed the charred skin, my arm looked like raw meat, it was deep 2nd/3rd degree. 15 years later my arm still shows the mark. tattooed by the coloring of my coat blasted into my arm.

  8. Let me also add that this is very old, it only gets more useful every time that you comment it. And Colin is a good lad, I’m just not sure he’ll be in one piece for long considering his safety concerns.

      1. or perhaps safety isnt as much about the PPE one wears but what one thinks and the attitude brought to any dangerous situation.

        he has survived this long and there is 3+ years between incidents as serious as this(based on current data), with the amount of high risk situations he is in that suggests something quite a bit beyond luck.

  9. He is completely insane to do his stunts in such lacking safety outfits. I visit his channel, first video: insanity trike with chain and gears spinning 5 cm from his shirt. Hmm, I guess we’ll get to see some nice footage from his brain trauma surgery the next time.

  10. Having been burned this badly myself once, on my forearm no less, I can tell you that it isn’t terribly painful as you might expect. It tends to destroy the surface nerves. Its the edges where the burn gradients to non-burnt skin that doesn’t tickle so much. But when you start re-growing the burnt nerves, the itching will absolutely drive you bat shit crazy. You’ll have all kinds of fun picking brown, flakey scaby stuff off, that is after you change your bandages a million times and smear antiseptic cake icing all over the wounds. Then you get to slowly work up to moving your arm to stretch the newly growing skin which doesn’t quite understand that it is indeed supposed to stretch. Good times, thanks for the memories.

  11. Can’t see the video, asks me to sign in but I do not use google accounts.
    Not that I care about google/youtube’s crap too much (based on not expecting much in the first place).

  12. Collin Furze, Hacker God!!!! No Balls, No Glory, Mates.

    Steve Irwin, Bad Ass who Followed His Passion to the End.

    I’d Rather Live Like These Two MEN that merely Exist just to spend My last days dying slowly in a chair regretting what I didn’t have the balls to do.

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