Laser-Cut Lamp With Magic Switch

This laser-cut lamp is an awesome example of what you can do with a laser cutter and a bit of creativity. It was completely laser cut and features no fasteners, except for a bit of glue.

[PaisleyGarbage] has been making lamps for a while now and had the concept for this one early on. After rendering a model of it on the computer, he decided it was finally time to try making it. It wasn’t quite as easy as he thought it’d be, but the challenges along the way only help you to learn when doing a project like this.

He laser cut alternating strips of wood and acrylic to create the unique sandwiched light look of the final product. Instead of using fasteners or anything, he even slid the pieces together on acrylic dowels keeping the design as minimalist and clean as possible. But the part we really like is the magnetic switch.

Using a reed-switch inside of the lamp, you can actually turn it on by simply placing a magnet on the side of a lamp against two screws — most people look at it and thing the magnet is completely the circuit through the screws — but that would be quite the 120V shock if it were!

[via r/DIY]

25 thoughts on “Laser-Cut Lamp With Magic Switch

    1. This is new media… no one proofreads any more. The language is dying quickly, with people saying “your” when they mean “you’re”, and “less” when they mean “fewer”, etc. I’m not ragging on this one example… it has sadly become commonplace and goes almost unnoticed. Idiocracy is not far away.

  1. people that “think” would know that the magnets not completeing a “high” voltage circuit ;-) (not thta 120VAC is particularly high)

    Although it is possible that the lamp could potentialy be controled by say 12v and the magnets ARE completeing the circuit to a relay that is switching the lamps

  2. I think it would be better if there’s a rectangular recess in the wood where the magnet (and screw holders) fits flush, then move the two screw holders closer (but not close enough that the reed switch is not engaged when the magnet sits on the “off” position. It would then look like a slide switch.

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