Massive Flexible LED Strip Display Has Too Many Pixels?

This massive LED display was assembled on a PVC banner (it can be rolled up!) measuring 2m by 1.5m, it boasts well over 6000 pixels, and as you can see from the photo — looks fantastic.

We recently published a post on How Many LEDs are Too Many, which spawned many comments showing off even more impressive displays with even higher LED counts. This is just one of them — and making it flexible as well? That’s just the icing on the cake.

To make the display flexible, [Elektric-Junkys] had a custom PVC banner printed with stripes to help them align 58 parallel strips of WS2811 LEDs on the surface.

The entire build looks time-intensive and rather expensive, but the end result is pretty amazing. Of course with the prices of flat screen HDTV’s these days, you gotta wonder — might be cheaper to just use a mass-produced panel. But that’s harder to roll up and take with you.

[Thanks for the tip Jag!]

27 thoughts on “Massive Flexible LED Strip Display Has Too Many Pixels?

      1. theres these rgb led matrix panels ‘used on times square’ (honestly not to sure bout that claim) that are being sold at Adafruit & such, would be easier to make this sorta thing with those, seeing how they are already made for chaining together into a huge display. But yeah, no rolling up, and still very pricey & power heavy.

    1. they may be using the video to circumvent the copyright checks since one of youtube’s first checks is to see if there is a video asset.

      if you try to upload an mp3 it may kick up a copyright warning.

      i know this from experience with using imovie and quicktime to export drm protected itunes music purchases.

      a youtube video is not the place to pirate music find another place to pirate music

  1. The real problem is that 60 per meter is not dense enough. To have it looks as good as it does in the photos you would need to be 100 feet away. The photos always look better because they are small as though your are far from it. Even 100 per meter requires standing a good distance away for it to look good. What is nice about LEDs is that where they are off it is completely dark. There is no background or edge glow as with an LCD.

  2. They need to implement some dithering, the high frequencies in the displayed images are horrible! It also needs a serious color calibration. Also, the contrast is a big issue since they cannot reproduce black .. It’s a very interesting build, very nice to display some patterns and visual effects but far from anything useful to display movies.

    1. Agreed. It’s not great for movies, but for animations or displaying things? I think it’s fantastic.

      I could see it being used at festivals and such in lieu of the panel-based LED boards.

  3. This reminds me of something I saw in the 1980’s. Some guys in Sunnyvale wanted to show their cool gizmo and talk about adding some software features to a product. I went to see and it was an amazing wall sized mandala made of diamond shaped segments with dichroic filters for R G and B in each segment. They had code to make cool patterns and swirly things in lots of colors. Their business plan was to franchise small viewing studios with nice chairs and they were very excited about it, if a bit lethargic from the thick smoke in the room.

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