Today Is World Create Day

It has finally arrived, today is World Create Day which is being celebrated with Hackaday Meetups in 64 cities throughout the world.

If you are at one of these meetups, share the fun and excitement of your event today using the hashtag #WorldCreateDay. We want a taste of what is going on in your town so Tweet early and Tweet often! If you can’t be there, join in on Hack Chat and watch the projects as they come in throughout the day. If you see one you love you can even request to join the team.

We want to feature your meetup on the Hackaday front page but we need your help to do it. Make sure you take a lot of pictures, and maybe even some video. Send those along with your tale of World Create Day to: prize at hackaday email address.

If you can’t make it to a live meetup, don’t let that stop you. Design Your Concept today and submit it to the Hackaday Prize; you’ll be making it in just ahead of the Monday deadline. Follow along with the #WorldCreateDay hashtag, encouraging others and posting info about your own project.

Oh, and that amazing art at the top of this post? There’s more were that came from. See all of the designs we’ve put together for World Create Day.


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6 thoughts on “Today Is World Create Day

    1. Think I might join them I am in the country next week collecting winnings from the nigerian lottery. But seriously Good luck to them. Hacking in Africa would be great we all know budget restraints will stifle a lot of the technology we enjoy in the west but it gives them a great chance to improve hat they do have by hacking.

  1. While I am celebrating World create day at home in my workshop(nobody else in my neck of the woods), it is great to see chats, and meet-ups going on everywhere! I am wasting no time building and away, 3D printer is running, solder smoke rolling off, and my little machines are humming. Hope everyone has a great time and builds something amazing.
    Creation is an act of sheer will. Go for it……
    I can’t wait to see what is being made today.

  2. We were too busy to tweet, but the Cape Town meetup was a ton of fun! I loved the chance to see other makers and communities who I hadn’t come into contact with before. I hope I can see some of these cool people at more events!

  3. Unfortunately no meetings in Romania.
    But I will stay tuned on hackchat.
    Great work you are doing there. Best technical thing for the rest of us, the people who do not enjoy so many showbiz events without any little drop of science/knowledge/boundary pushes.

  4. I hope there is going to be a follow up article on this after you have had some time to sort through it and add some tags to the projects.

    I looked through and got up to page 22 (I think). I would love to have a tag like “Retro” so I can find those things that interest me the most.

    Any chance of doing this ?

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