Concrete Table Just The Way You Like It

You need a coffee table, you need a dinner table. Do you really need two tables? [Shua] thinks the answer is “no”. That’s why he built this swinging countersink table out of concrete and a aluminum.

He started by making a simple half-scale prototype. Then a larger one. Through these explorations he learned how the table would be made, what kind of weight it needed, and how the mechanics needed to be constructed for the most stable table top.

Next he designed the final table in Autodesk Revit. This is software traditionally used for architecture. Since the table was to be made from concrete Revit’s useful set of concrete tools were useful for this project.

Most of the construction process was pretty standard. However, the use of CNC’d pink insulation as a mold for the concrete was interesting. The foam is closed cell, so it worked fine and gave a nice finish. The assembly was finished with a glass top and a carpeted base that contained a surge suppressor and two outlets. The table can be seen swinging between two positions in a video after the break.



14 thoughts on “Concrete Table Just The Way You Like It

  1. While not being the most sleek design in the world, I really like the chunkiness of the design and the fact you can see how it works while moving positions. I really think this is cool, but have a feeling this is either a love it or hate it design.

  2. I love it. The mechanics are a bit Seussian (that is so a word), so I’d make those supports even more brutalicious (ok, that’s maybe not a word), but I love the concept.

    Or maybe go the other direction and implement in carbon fibre to pick up the stiffness but still be transportable by mortals.

      1. Man, I totally forgot about that building. I remember being impressed by it when I was there 20+ years ago (and joking to my SO that it actually didn’t look very Seussian…). Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Well I’ve been in industrial design for over 30 years and I love this. I would allow for a standing desk position as well and have a little fun with the table itself, but really a very creative and well executed concept. ;)

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