Stop The Machine-on-Machine Violence!

We’re not sure we condone this at all. CRT monitors are virtually extinct, and here we have some folks just smashing them up for no good reason. That said, it’s kinda cool to see large industrial robots in motion, so we can’t really blame them. (Video embedded below.)


We’ve covered the [Geek Group] crushing TVs with their robot arm before although that first try was more like a fail, in the sense that the TV was only partly smashed. At the time, we joked that it was because they had a Jolly Wrencher holding the CRT together. But it could have been that the robot arm simply lacked the requisite grunt.

This time they came to it with a stronger robot arm, and removed the Jolly Wrencher from the screens. These folks aren’t scientists — changing two variables at once leaves the experiment inconclusive. But they do smash things. So that’s a success, right?

OK, [Geek Group], you’ve had your fun. We give you one free pass with the wanton destruction. What’s next with the big arm?

19 thoughts on “Stop The Machine-on-Machine Violence!

    1. And an another nonsensically MENTALLY DYSFUNCTION sub-human appears… Fro-sticks, It aint about adapting to society here. It’s about optimizing your own knowledge and firmware.. Not emulating some weirdo crap. Go… Don’t go away mad just go away. At this present moment you aren’t capable of even coming up with one single idea to contribute, optimize or be of ANY use to anyone in your life. WTF are you doing here?

  1. Pretty low-key for HaD but we start being used to …
    “will it blend” into CrashaDay ? TrashaDay ? WreckaDay ?

    I much prefer the Logic Noise series from Elliot than this. And I´m wondering about the reason of such editorial choices.
    Also this weird use of “we”… to designate yourselfves, your readers, part of the US society, or the whole world ?

  2. Jeff was a protoype, it had limits, Justin is a production model, it’s the same Kuka 350, but with a longer arm, and with less limitations.
    The TV’s were surplus to requirements (TGG gets loads donated, but not a lot can be done with them), they could have merely gone to a recycler, or we could have reduced them in size first while giving Justin a bit of real exercise.
    There are plans to do more with Justin, along with another arm (Andrew), but it takes time and money, priority is paying the bills.

  3. Oh… Come on now there must be SOME NEW POSTERS here UPSET. That they hadn’t made a ONAHOLE D-S-L Robot that ALSO will give them a reach around. Yes? Then Report all comments that have nothing to do with tech. (Including mine *shrug* but don’t be a hypocrite to your own biases.)

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