Looptaggr: Endless Graffiti

If your problem is how to put out a maximum amount of repetitive graffiti with a minimum amount of effort, we’ve got your solution. Or rather, [Ariel Schlesinger] and [Aram Bartholl] had your solution way back in 2010. The banner image says it all.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be graffiti that you’re spraying. This idea could be easily adapted to stencil that repeating floral pattern that my grandmother had on her walls too. It’s like a patterned paint roller, but for a spray can.

There’s room for improvements here. For instance, we can’t cut out stencils to save our life but we know where to find a laser cutter. From the look of things, they could use a slightly bigger stencil and something to catch the drips. There’s probably an optimal size for this gizmo, which calls for experimentation.

We’re somewhat obsessed with graffiti machines. Whether it’s a graffiti quadcopter or the elegant and non-permanent sidewalk-chalker style bots, we like machines that make “art”. What’s your favorite graffiti hack?

Thanks [n0p;n0p;n0p;] for the (archival) tip!

20 thoughts on “Looptaggr: Endless Graffiti

    1. Yeah. I’m honestly not impressed with this one.

      But some kind of temporary pavement art would be interesting. A giant stencil set up like a hamster wheel, for use during a parade or some festival.

          1. Wow that’s interesting. Apparently you might need an advertising permit blahh blahh blahh…
            But I really like that method.

            [Hirudinea] did type ‘watercolour’ and ‘temp paintings’.
            We need a contest now to see who would get fined first!

    2. Might be good for protest in certain regions. But yeah if you have to do graffiti do some nice colorful art.

      Might also be good for dangerous traffic spots the town council refuses to fix, you could do a ‘danger – potholes’ or something across the road.

    1. I’ve been looking, but I couldn’t find it. Can you link me to this list that defines what actually is and isn’t art? I’d just always thought it was subjective and up the the artist and their audience to decide.

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