What We Learned From The 2016 Queercon Badge

The 2016 Queercon Badge

DEF CON has become known for the creative electronic badges, and now we get to see a variety of them dangling from lanyards every year. This year, the Queercon badge stood out as the one that got the most people asking “where did you get that?!” Once again, [Evan Mackay], [George Louthan], [Jonathan Nelson], and [Jason Painter] delivered an awesome badge for this con-within-a-con for LGBT hackers and their friends.

The badge is a squid shape, with a nifty clear solder mask, printed on black FR4, and routed with natural curved traces. The squid eyes consist of sixty cyan LEDs, with RGB LEDs on the tentacles. The eyes make expressions, and the tentacles light up with a selectable pattern. Hitting the “ink” button shoots your pattern out to all nearby devices using the 2.4 GHz radio on board, and a set of small connectors can be used to “mate” with other badges to learn patterns. Yes, the Queercon badge always has suggestive undertones.

After playing with it for the whole con, we think this badge has some good lessons for electronic badge designers:

Variable Brightness

The 2016 Queercon Badge with two hats
The Queercon Badge with Two Hats

This badge used a phototransistor as a light sensor to measure ambient light and set the brightness accordingly. With over 60 LEDs, this helped the two AA batteries last for nearly the entire conference.

Power Switches

This badge has a power switch. That switch turns the badge off. This probably sounds very obvious, but it’s also unfortunately uncommon on electronic badges. The switch means people turn the badge off at night, and don’t have to yank batteries when firmware glitches.


The badge had two expansion ports on the squid’s head for adding hats. These were given power, and the connector spec was published before the event. Our favourite? A unicorn horn with a rainbow LED inside.

Social Badges are Fun

This has been the fourth Queercon badge in a row that communicated with other badges to unlock things. This is actually a neat way to get people to interact, and leads to a whole host of suggestive puns. Badginal intercourse, anyone?

We’ve heard that next year’s badge is already in the works, and we look forward to seeing what these folks come up with next. For now, you can grab all the hardware design files and get inspired for your own electronic badge build.

87 thoughts on “What We Learned From The 2016 Queercon Badge

  1. If I was sober enough to remember, I think it was a cuttlefish. Also I’m surprised a little that no one hacked it so that when the badges ?coupled? they would “exchange data.” One year there was an official Defcon badge that had a blinky led transmission interface and someone wrote code that propagated from badge to badge. I don’t quite have the know how to initiate such a plan.

  2. Don’t want to offend anyone but why is there a Queercon? We all enjoy hacking, electronics etc. The reason we go to conventions is because while we are all different kinds of people we share one common interest and that is the subject of the convention. Why create a special gay convention in a convention? I don’t get it should we start a con in a con for people who like hacking and eating steak?
    Defcon isn’t about sexuality and shouldn’t be hijacked by the PC brigade.

    1. Here’s two reasons:

      Defcon isn’t about people who hang out around Portland, but there was a bunch of people from Portland hanging out. Defcon wasn’t about people interested in car hacking, but I had a few drinks in the car hacking penthouse. Defcon isn’t about people who make badges, but the badge makers meetup was pretty cool. How is this different from ‘a defcon for eating steaks’? Are you seriously complaining about a group with something in common having a meetup? I don’t mean to put words in your mouth, but it seems like your objection is to a gay meetup, not meetups in general. In fact, I can find no other interpretation.

      You want to complain about the PC brigade, you’re not going to get any ammunition here. Most of what I’ve seen on Tumblr is trash, Women make ninety seven cents on the dollar, not sixty, and ‘safe spaces’ are one of the greatest dangers to a democratic society. That’s what you’re getting here. But I want to be very, very clear about something: you can take your strawman, and your fear, and your disgust, and shove it down your throat.

      second reason:

      Apparently Stoli is trying to become the ‘gay vodka’ and gave cases of liquor to Queercon. Strongest screwdriver I ever had. Fun times.

      I’m locking down all child comments to Jack. Do not reply to this, and do not reply to anyone who has replied to Jack. Those comments will be deleted. I’m also moving this comment to the top child comment.

      EDIT: don’t bother reporting this comment.

          1. Yes, thats a nice connector. There are also this red hermaphroditic connectors for rc model batteries with 4mm pin and socket, but you have to be very careful, if you mate them, the red wire is not always (+)

    2. Defcon is a sub group of humanity that enjoys hacking, so what’s wrong with a sub group of a sub group? We all identify each other by external gender, so why not a way to identify by internal gender preference?

    3. Because the security community is mostly heterosexual men and they want to make others who are like them feel welcome, and partially because of certain attitudes from a sizable part of said community. Why does it matter that people have a small gathering within a gathering? If it bothers you, you could always just ignore it and move on.

      I’m reminded of that time when they were doing filming for Mr. Robot and test viewers complained about the lack of women when none of the people in the background were extras and they were just filming it in Silicon Valley.

    4. “Defcon isn’t about sexuality and shouldn’t be hijacked by the PC brigade.”

      You missed Hacker Jeopardy?

      “During the 2016 Hacker Jeopardy contest, scantily clad females delivered drinks to the contestants (with one female server plopping a sex toy resembling a male sex organ on the speakers’ dais) while questions were posed about male sex organs.”

      “Yet even this year’s Hacker Jeopardy had another bright spot for women, aside from its female winner. Ten years ago, “they had actual strippers that got naked,” Steffens of IOActive said.”

    5. Oh for fuck’s sake. I’ll just tell you the truth. It’s simpler, and don’t believe any other.

      They have a queer geek con with vodka so they can all get drunk then go back to hotel rooms and suck each other’s cocks. Then the next morning they can look at each other’s projects and talk about geek stuff.

      You know all the jokes on here about disapproving wives? Well you don’t get that with gay geeks. But of course, first you have to find them, not all gay people are geeks. So what do you do? You have a con.

      Gay geeks exist anyway. If they wanna have a party for being gay and geeky at, they’re going to. They don’t have to justify it to you. They’re not formulating the rules of society, they’re just having a party. You can have whatever party you like. That’s your right in a democracy.

      1. | You can have whatever party you like. That’s your right in a democracy.

        No. It isn’t. THAT’S the point. You go have a “White Tech Convention” and you get back to me after the PC BS dust settles down. Hell, at the DNC convention they even had to rename the “White” elevator because it offended someone – never mind the fact that there was also a Red elevator and a Blue elevator. ( http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/republican-national-convention-features-white-elevators/article/2596831 ) You didn’t see the Indians or the Smurfs complaining, did you?

      1. One would simply use some of the comments here as an example of why there is a Queercon to begin with. Either you’re the marginalized or doing the marginalizing. It’s still an issue now, so imagine how much shit we’d have to deal with just for being open and honest 10 years ago.

        No, Queercon isn’t about big sex orgies and sucking each others’ cocks (although that CAN happen)… it’s about an understanding that exists between other geeks who happen to be queer and knowing that we can talk about things without undue judgement, risk of being beaten or called faggots.

        Something those who marginalize altcons never have to deal with. So congrats, when you ask why there is a need for a Queercon, you are a shining example of why.

        1. Finally, a ray of light in the comments section.

          The point of queercon is the same as any other sub-sub-group. there are relatable experiences that people outside that segment of the defcon attendence wouldn’t have experienced, people that are understanding/interested in certain subgroup-related things, etc.
          in addition it’s a space where the weird misogynist discrimination that happens at defcon is toned down a bit. i’ve talked to female infosec people who didn’t want to go to defcon because of the environment; it’s only worse for trans women.

          if you’re just saying “oh it’s gay defcon orgies” you don’t understand the whole point of _queer_con. there are more lgbtq people than just gay people, btw.

          it has nothing to do with “political correctness”. its the same as if a bunch of people who were into one thing had a meetup at defcon.

          [source on all of this: this ϵ community_queer]

    6. It’s not really a pc thing. I was at the private penthouse queercon party, and im a conservative straight white male. Its just a method of partying and something extra to the con. I was at Tiaracon (DC24 was their first) as well. More is always better when its partying. If it wasnt for the shirtless bartenders a.d just 2 people momentarily kissing, I wouldnt have known it was queercon. Well, except for the guy in a spandex bicycle onesie

    1. Oh that is excellent! I’ve not seen that before. I like the idea of the evolution. I wonder what they used as the starting “seed”? I’ll have to look at the code!

      Anyway, similar concept but the LED patterns in this years QC badge were pre-defined and unlocked through various feats, including badge connections. The user could switch between unlocked patterns (camos).

  3. I’m glad that everyone today wants to insist that we are all the same… all the while segregating themselves from those whom they claim to demand acceptance. Are we not supposed to be one people regardless of sex, orientation or race? Then why have “gay” events or “black” events when we all know good and well that you absolutely cannot have “white” events or “straight” events without incurring the wrath of every PC group out there. And in truth, THAT is my only reason to balk at these discriminatory events. If ALL groups could have their own events then it wouldn’t be such a problem. Ban me, criticize me, even debate me… but I stand by my statement.

    1. Because all events are straight events, and much like gays aren’t disinvited from those, straights are not disinvited from Queercon. What’s wrong with encouraging a meetip of like minded people, who don’t judge each other? It isn’t PC anything.

      1. They may not be “disinvited” as you say, but the very title speaks volumes. It is an event FOR [black] [gay] [white] [straight] or whatever other adjective you want to use. Sure, straight people may be allowed to attend, but due to the moniker, they won’t be inclined to, just like gay people wouldn’t be inclined to attend a “straight-con” event. As I said, my problem is that if the reverse were true, and there was a “straight-con” you know full well that it would be criticized as discriminatory at the very least.

        1. I know what youre saying, and I agree with you but that isnt what queercon was. Everything was open to everyone as far as I know except for the penthouse party where I couldnt even tell it was queercon (see my other post). $300 got you a badge though if you couldnt get a free one. I wish this thread was about the badge and not so damned political. Twitter has enough of that stuff

        2. As a straight cis white male ally, I felt tremedously welcomed at Queercon. What, you think there’s someone checking rainbows at the door? It was a great event, so mad props to the organizers for pulling it off (and having the best dang pool party at Defcon — complete with waterproof bags for your smartphones) yet again.

    2. Why have ‘hack’ events at all? By definition that’s a subset. There’s also RF-targeted events, security targeted events etc.

      These groups come out of whatever sub group choosing to organise their own thing. Go organise your own, I might even join for a beer!

    3. You’re right, it must be awful being white and heterosexual. Everyone picks on you, and nobody invites you to any parties. If I were you I’d be writing to my member of parliament.

      Maybe there’s another reason people don’t want you at their parties.

  4. Benchoff you really are pathetic deleting my reply to your insane assertion that I am bigoted towards, disgusted & fearful of Gay people for asking a question, But by doing so you only prove that PC culture is alive and well over here at Hackaday, As I have never had a comment deleted before until I questioned a gay event at Defcon.

    1. I deleted your reply to me (above) because I said I was going to if anyone replied. I’m locking down that part of the thread, not the entire thread, and you’re free to respond to this. Notice how I am not restricting your ability to shitpost in the comments, only in that specific thread.

      Why did I do that? I’m not giving you the oppurtunity to walk that argument back. Your (deleted) reply said, “My brother is gay.” Well that’s just awesome – “I’m not racist! See! I have black friends!” That was a transparent argument in 1990.

      Click the back button on your browser a few times and find your (deleted) reply to me. Post it here. Walk that argument back. Tell me I’ve been taken over by PC culture, while still allowing you a voice. Go ahead. I’m not going to ban you, I’m not going to delete anything I didn’t say I’m going to delete. Just know that you’re doing two things: walking that comment back, and claiming I’ve been taken over by the PC crowd. The fact that I’m allowing you to do so invalidates the latter, leaving only the former point remaining.

      1. You are right I did backtrack on my original comment a bit, I have reposted the deleted reply below this.
        You are implying I am anti-gay can you quote any anti-gay comments I made as I really would love to find out what gave you that Idea?
        Yes I did say that this place is going a bit PC because my reply was deleted and the thread was locked when nothing said was abusive towards or against Queercon or against Hackaday rules. It was done so because I was questioning PC.

        I would really really like you too Provide me with the evidence you have of me being disgusted with gays, as that is a very strong allegation to make and that is the reason why I wrote the deleted reply and this because you don’t just get to decide people are bigots without evidence.

        —————-Previously Deleted Reply———————
        So you get to have your say then take away my chance to respond?? No I am not anti-gay and Gays don’t disgust me. My brother is gay and I have a great relationship with him and his husband. I was pointing out that sexual orientation has nothing to do with defcon at no point did I say I was disgusted & in fear (you said these were my feelings weirdly). You have totally misinterpreted and built a straw man of my argument to imply I am bigoted for asking a question.

        I have nothing against Queercon they are not hurting anyone by doing what they do, I just thought it was a weird sub-convention category. I have read your reply and I now don’t see a problem with Queercon. The reason I brought it up in the first place was because of the way in which people claiming to represent the gay community have gone into other interest groups like gaming (gamer-gate), Atheism (atheism plus) and tried to shove Marxist ideology down every ones throats. I wrongly thought that this may have been the start of something similar in Technology groups.

        1. There’s a lot of people with views like this — I think their fundamental flaw is they don’t understand the asymmetry between “straight” and “gay” (or “white” and “black”). Since most people are straight, and there’s uneven rights between straight people and gay people, there’s an inherent asymmetry (most academics would call it “privilege”, but that’s turning into a loaded term).

          Everything, by default, is a “straight” thing. Guys at events talk about the topics of the event, but they also casually talk about their wives/girlfriends. After a few drinks, they start snickering about some chick they’re interested in. They ask you what you think of this/that woman, or if you have a girlfriend. One of them might drop a gay slur now and then when describing something they’re not fond of.

          As a gay guy, I’m not personally offended by any of that stuff (trust me; I don’t hate straight people — I have straight friends! :-) ), but couldn’t you imagine that it would be nice to get away from that every now and then? That was the impetus for LGBT-themed-sub-events (though their purpose has gotten more complicated and diverse over the years).

          I’m not calling you homophobic. But I’d encourage you to appreciate that perspective — you probably don’t even notice how straight-dominated the world around you is (since you’re straight). Half the straight guys I talk to “get it” after I explain it to them like that, and the other half reply with “well, it can’t be that bad, you should just learn to deal with it. I have to deal with [insert some minor handicap/political belief/whatever that isn’t widely seen as belonging to a traditionally-discriminated class]” — if that’s how you’re planning to reply to this thread, don’t bother. You obviously don’t get it.

          1. I get exactly what you mean however there are quite a few groups hijacking the LGBT movement for their own aims (Feminists & Black Lives Matter) spring to mind. So long as there is no association with SJW crazies I think having the sub group is a great idea. I kinda wish I didn’t even say anything now because it has gone too far.

      2. Look forget it anyway I was just pissed you called me a bigot on an assumption which was wrong. This could be walked round in circles till the cows come home. I don’t think you have been taken in by the PC crowd, I am normally a member of the Benchoff fan club not the Benchoff hate mob and I’d like to keep it that way. So lets just leave it at that.

      3. Brian give it a fucking rest. You need that holiday. Why do you care what people post here? Censoring anyone’s comments is out of order. Yes you have the ability to do it, but you shouldn’t. Nobody’s suggesting exterminating anybody. Nobody’s taken over the place. We’re arguing, that’s what we always do. It’s the way this community is.

        On behalf of all queer people, I’m telling you we’re fine. And that you need to take this place less seriously. Get a pet or something.

  5. Folks like to ask why Queencon exists. Afterall, electronics, programming, and hacking have nothing to do with sexuality, right? From a purely top down approach, you’re right. Technology has nothing to do with sexuality and gender expression. But the people who CREATE that technology are shaped by it in one way or another. And since DEF CON is about PEOPLE coming together, it makes perfect sense that folks seek those who are like them. I.E., folks like to be with similar folks. This is why we have Comicons, Makerfairs, cat shows, furry conventions, knitting circles, Star Trek conventions, concerts, ect. They make us feel less alone and spark community.

    1. “folks like to be with similar folks. This is why we have Comicons, Makerfairs, cat shows, furry conventions, knitting circles, Star Trek conventions, concerts, ect.”

      And you are right… but, we don’t have “gay comiccon” or “gay Sar Trek conventions”. Why should an interest be broken down into gay/straight? When I talk electronics at a Hamfest (I’ll be going to the Huntsville hamfest at the end of this month, btw :) ) I don’t care if the guy/girl I am talking to is straight or gay or black or white? Should the event itself not be enough of a bonding experience without having to bring race or in this case orientation into it?

        1. So, I’ve never been to this event, but I’ll chime in on the social demarcation issue.

          Enjoy the diversity and use the demarcations to identify a destination, not a keep-away zone

          It’s like a political convention – each delegation has a stick with the name of their state printed on it.

          It’s not like Virginia absolutely HATES Maryland and you can’t go say hi, it’s just for the Virginians to know where to go, and the unfortunate Marylanders know where they need to go.

          Same deal here – “Hayyyy, we’re queer over here!”, not something like “HEY, KEEP OUT, BREEDER!” or something ridiculous. Nor do I see it as “I don’t feel welcome here so I have to make a safe space for my kind to mingle separately from you mean, mean, white straight people.”

          I might be biased, but half my shooting buddies are gay. And I’m also the kind of guy that completely ignores social convention. I completely didn’t understand back in the day why a client of mine teared up when I gave him a hug after an appointment (he had clearly had a really rough day). He reminded me he was HIV positive. “…And?” totally didn’t even click on the stigma, I made my evaluation based on biology. It just doesn’t work that way.

          So a group of people who have a shared cultural experience should totally identify with one another and have a reasonably overt way of saying “hey, check in over here guys!”. I’ve never felt separate and apart from the LGBTQ community in any concrete way. I’m not gay, but that doesn’t really even factor into it for me. Cool people are cool people and I’ll associate with whom I want. If you don’t want to be ruled by “PC culture” then ignore it, don’t engage it. You might be seeing a forest and forgetting about the trees.

          (Note that this outlook goes for the vast majority of my not straight-white-male friends. I have more friends from outside the U.S. than I have from my home state, and the biggest distinction I draw between any of them is the kind of food or booze they bring to a party. Depending on where they’re from, some of it is positively ridiculous.)

          So.. enjoy the diversity, or ignore it, but don’t pick at it like it’s a scab.

      1. “we don’t have “gay comiccon”

        Yes there is. Its called gaylaxicon and is usually held in Minneapolis every year. In addition there is a gay gamers convention (gaymercon) held in California (usually San Jose) each year. And while I’m not a big Star Trek fan I know for a fact there are gay Star Trek groups out there that meet during conventions.

        And as someone who lives in San Diego – I know that during Comicon there are gay men and women who get together to discuss challenges in their industries.

        The fact that you don’t get that shows why those gatherings are needed.

  6. I came here to see the fight. I understand the “do not subdivide” argument, and I understand the other side. Queercon was a good thing. It was a good thing because it did not do any harm to anybody. Then why are we arguing about the pro and con ?

  7. Hi, founder of Queercon here. I figured I’d provide a little context behind why this is even a thing, since a lot of people seem to be asking.

    First of all, DEF CON has–since I think DEF CON 3–the Black And White Ball. It’s a singles and couples event but didn’t have a very mixed crowd; it was primarily straight. Also, it’s kind of a formal, dress-up affair. I thought it would be fun to throw a rave-style dance party for queer people (now defined as an acronym soup of GLBTQ or maybe the L goes first, I can’t really keep track–I’m just going to keep saying queer) and my friends Aaron and Jonathan thought so too. So we persuaded DEF CON to give us a room, DJ Keith Myers (our amazing friend and someone to whom we’re forever indebted for helping to get Queercon off the ground) brought a speaker and turntables and a mixer and we put up some posters around the Alexis Park to get the word out.

    We had two big worries: that either all hell would break loose and we’d get beaten to a pulp (the hacker community was institutionally homophobic back then, in the way that some parts of the gamer community can be today) or that nobody would show up. Instead, around 200 hackers showed up, something like half of the DEF CON goons showed up to support and protect us (there were no issues) we pretty much filled the room, and Keith played until he ran out of records.

    And we found a community. People like us. If you’re a hacker like me you’re a hacker first and your sexuality is just part of you, it doesn’t define you. It’s hard to meet people who relate to that if they aren’t other hackers. We created something that was *needed* and it just didn’t exist before. It was the one place that you could go if you were a hacker and meet other human beings who truly understood you and might even want to cuddle with you.

    So we did it again. And again and again. Now we just got done with the (HOLY SHIT AMAZEBALLS WAS IT REALLY THE) 13th Queercon and between the events we do around DEF CON, I estimate we attract about 15% of the DEF CON population. Most of the people attending our events are queer. However, a lot of straight allies do attend our events because they’re fun, they’re really very good, and we’re nice people.

    Is Queercon still needed? Should sexuality ever be part of a hacker convention? Absolutely yes. Single hackers have been coming to DEF CON and meeting other single hackers since DEF CON 1. DEF CON relationships have blossomed into DEF CON weddings. The same has happened at Queercon, and believe me, nothing makes me feel better than watching this crazy thing I created result in so much joy and happiness in so many people’s lives. Hackers are unique and special people, queer hackers particularly so. Creating a space where we can just be ourselves (and meet others like us) has led to so much beauty and creativity that I can only want one thing: for every unique community to have something as amazing as Queercon. And if you’re a queer hacker looking to find your place, we created Queercon for you. Welcome home.

    1. Not sure about whether you are monetizing a social networking opportunity, but I’m certain every *CON event has been 100% gay for years.

      “Search your feelings, you know it to be true.”

        1. I hope to get out there next year, and I’ll definitely hit y’all up. As vaguely straight and attached as I am. *high fives* and junk.

          Got a “donate” button anywhere?

    2. I didn’t get it to begin with but I now think it is a great idea. Sometimes being straight you forget how easy it is to walk up and chat to a girl/guy being gay you need to let each other know “hey I am gay”.

    3. That’s helpful to understanding, that it grew out of there being a social dimension to defcon, so it became a thing so LGBT social needs were also looked after, rather than being a self segregation thing at a pure tech event.

      1. I hadn’t heard of Tiara C0n, so glad such a thing is (finally) a reality! I hope it becomes a regular (and non-surprising) event on the Con calendar, and that it inspires many similar ones! I think I just gained a little faith in humanity. :-)

  8. Does this device have a “GayDar” mode so they detect each other? If yes, it would save a lot of time for everyone that has one! The concept would extend to the next $$ Kickstarter IoT “Wearable” for “Clubbers”.

  9. First of all, I like to say: That badge is gorgeous! I love the LED eyes and the sexy traces. Super!!

    Second: Making to Port of the same sex mate is possible. eBay carries cheap china protokablethingy’s (can’t remember the name)

    Now I like to say some to the issue above.

    As far as I saw there was a guy, who wantet to get it.
    I also saw, he got it.

    But as with many topics things got out of hand very quick.
    Partly because someone misread or misintepreted and it was done. Shit!

    What I learned from the queercon badge is the why in which I was interested myself.

    I would definately have accepted the reason of sexuality.
    But the get together without the fear and without the anxiety,
    the meeting of like-minded people (and I mean hacking) with the same background (now I mean queer)
    that was something I immediately could grasp.

    In an example: There is this monthly Ukulele meetup in a bar.
    It is great and I liked it. But over time it became crowded.
    It became crowded with people who listened but did not play.
    Also blocking the view and the room for people who wanted to play.
    The venue has changed and the Ukuleleplayers and other Instrument are mostly alone again.
    Everybody who wants to play has again the opportunity and the not-players aren’t in the way.

    It is not the same but it is something which reminds me of a similar situation.

    I can imagine there is a lot of anxiety for a queer to visit an event which is propably homophobic. (Which Defcon was -> told above by the founder, Great comment by the way)
    Being different is what I can second. But I know some people who desperately want to be themselves. Some are men who like to wear womens dresses some are transgender.

    Please read careful now:
    Being different and show that you are different is something not everyone can cope with.
    I live in Berlin, it is 2016 in my opinion race, gender or sexuality should play a minor role.
    But on things I give a crap a dozen of other people get a heart attack!
    It’s still a f*in issue. And it is an everyday issue if you’re queer. (Gladly not for everyone but for most)

    Imagine evertime you wear what you like somebody would look at you with THAT LOOK (queer ppl know what I mean)
    THAT LOOK is also an issue if your skin mismatches the favour of the beholder. (But a lot less)
    Imagine everyday you look in your mirror and think: I have to wear something different because I don’t want to get hurt today.

    And it hurts! The reaction hurts! It hurts hard! Inside! And you will take that hurt and link that hurt with your sexuality and that is what hurts most!

    So hell yeah! A get together where you can just be yourself and meet others with the same interest? YES!!

    Maybe next time before the storm rises: Maybe give a fuck, what dicks could mean shit and just ask politely how they meant it? Would be a major step in the right direction.

    So what is left to say?

    Best parties are gay parties!! (And I politely apologize to anybody flirting with me, since I like girls which isn’t obvious when I am at a queer event.)

    So please go to queer events and be amazed by what you have missed!

  10. Cool badge, but so much hate from PC but not PC camp. Nevertheless, it’s just a badge that identifies you as a hacker with a queer orientation probably available to queer advances. I can appreciate that. In retrospect, some people like bending their d-sub connectors and others enjoy slapping there antennae together. Hell, I’ve even jammed a USB cable up an Ethernet socket by accident. It’s no big deal people.

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