16-channel Sampler Tests Arcade Buttons With Style

The goal is simple: test a bunch of arcade buttons from different manufacturers to get the one with the best function and feel. The resulting build is anything but simple: this wonderfully over-designed 16-channel WAV sampler and mixer.

For those wondering why [Atarity] would go to this much trouble to test arcade buttons, we suspect an ulterior motive – skip to the 21:14 mark of the long video below to see the real design inspiration. Regardless of the motive, there’s no doubting the care that went into the build – CNC-milled birch case, extremely detailed laser-engraved graphics, and a carbon-fiber back plate covered with suede, because suede. We especially like the detail on the speaker grill: the embroidered fabric and puffed-up look really works with the rest of the design, including the leather hand strap.

It’s not entirely clear from the post what the end goal of the testing is, but we assume it’ll be some sort of MAME build. In which case, [Atarity] might want to check out our recent articles on a tabletop MAME cabinet or this portable MAME rig. But whatever he comes up with, we’re sure the craftsmanship will be there.

[via r/diy]

6 thoughts on “16-channel Sampler Tests Arcade Buttons With Style

  1. when I used to be an arcade machine tech back in the 80’s, I was always looking for the “best” micro switch I could find.
    Sometimes I’d have to machine a different mount to accommodate a different brand, it was a continual battle to keep buttons working.
    Some brands of switch would only last a couple of weeks in the really popular games, Space Invaders was the worst!

  2. I have tested a number of pushbuttons of different manufacture, and have discovered that even the same type has uneven activation force (several different PBs of the same type). Worse, it would change over time. So his testing might produce an unit that feels good today, but will feel different in the future.

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