Hackathon Alert: Clean Tech At TVCoG

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So we’re going to start running a weekly column on Saturdays that groups together all of the upcoming week’s exceptional events and noteworthy gatherings. If your hackerspace has something going on, tell us about your event on or around the preceding Wednesday. We’ll see your space in on Hackaday!

Tech Valley Center of Gravity: Troy, New York

What would you hack to clean things up around the planet we call home? Better batteries, perhaps? Maybe clean transportation or better building materials? Perhaps something fancy like bioremediation of environmental toxins? How about just a better Roomba? Any and all of that could be on the table at the upcoming TVCoG Clean Technology Hackathon at the Tech Valley Center of Gravity in Troy, New York.

Running for 32 hours straight starting on October 15th, participants will have the chance to let their imaginations run free over any of the tons of environmental problems the world faces. To get the creative juices flowing, the organizers have rounded up a few use cases that need some brainpower working on them, including smart building technologies, better control of PV and wind energy, and street-level improvements to make cities more inviting for pedestrians and cyclists. What could be even more enticing? The $5,000 in prize money on the table.

TVCoG Hackathons are always great events, as we’ve covered before. The Clean Tech hackathon should continue the tradition of great prizes, great mentors, great hacks, and a lot of really great food. Register, go, hack, eat, and maybe change the world.

2 thoughts on “Hackathon Alert: Clean Tech At TVCoG

  1. I’ve been to a couple of these events at the TVCOG. They have a great facility, great food, and good people. The prizes are great too this time around, and every participant gets a free month of 24/7 access to the space!

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