Don’t Make Your Battlebot Out Of A Pumpkin

It’s that time of year again. The nights are getting longer and the leaves are turning. The crisp fall air makes one’s thoughts turn to BattleBots: pumpkin-skinned BattleBots.

Kids these days can’t even draw without a computer

If you’re asking yourself, “could a laser-cut plywood bot, sheathed in a pumpkin, stand up against an all-metal monster”, you haven’t seen BattleBots before. Besides the hilarious footage (see video embedded below), a lot of the build is documented, from making a CAD model of a pumpkin to laser-cutting the frame, to “testing” the bot just minutes before the competition. (That has to be a good idea!)

The footage of the pumpkinbot’s rival, Chomp, is equally cool. We love that the hammer weapon is accelerated so quickly that Chomp actually lifts in the air, just as Newton would have predicted. We’re not sure if the fire weapon is good for anything but show, and facing plywood pumpkinbots, but we love the effect.

In retrospect, we would have actually carved the pumpkin so that the driver can tell which way is forward, and its menacing glare would strike fear into its opponent’s metal heart. But we suspect the result wouldn’t change much.

But we really like pumpkinbot. Maybe [William Osman] would consider fighting against other bots in the same weight class? Or lighter? It’s all laser-cut and driven by CAD/CAM, so making another should be quick and easy. Any chance of opening up the designs?

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