Hackaday’s Sci-Fi Contest Hits Warp Speed

Hackers’ perspiration may go into soldering, coding, and building. For many of us, the inspiration for these projects comes from science fiction. The books, movies, TV shows, short stories, and comics we all grew up on, and continue to devour to this day. We’re paying homage to all these great Sci-Fi stories with our latest contest.

The Sci-Fi Contest isn’t about the most efficient way of building a 555 circuit or the tightest code. This one is about celebrating science fiction in the best way we know how — building awesome projects. This is Hackaday, so you’re going to have to use some form of working electronics in your entry. Beyond that, it’s up to you. Bring us your Overwatch cosplays, your Trek Tricorders, your Star Wars pod racers.

This isn’t our first Sci-Fi contest. In fact, Sci-Fi was one of Hackaday.io’s first contests way back in 2014.
3 years and over 100,000 new hackers later, it’s time to take a fresh look at what you all have been up to. Projects that were entered in the first Sci-Fi contest are eligible, but you need to create a new project page and do some new work.

Check the rules for the full details. Once you’ve published a project use the drop-down menu on the left sidebar to enter it in the Hackaday Sci-Fi Contest.


Great work reaps great rewards. Here’s what we’ve got for this contest:

  • Grand Prize is a Rigol DS1054Z 4 Channel 50 MHz scope.
  • First Prize is a Monoprice Maker Select Mini 3D printer
  • Second Prize is a complete Blu-Ray box of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Third Prize is Lego’s latest rendition of the Millennium Falcon.

The deadline is Monday, March 6, 2017, 09:00 pm PST (+8 UTC), so don’t waste time! Warm up your soldering irons, spin up your warp drives, and create something awesome!

31 thoughts on “Hackaday’s Sci-Fi Contest Hits Warp Speed

    1. Guess I am the only one absolutely giddy about the possibility of a new scope… current rig is all analog, it works but digital would offer SO many opportunities and can’t really afford a new scope at the moment.

  1. But if you want to win, make sure it somehow incorporates so-called “green” technology (or whatever the current cause celeb is). To clinch it throw in some puppies and handicapped children.

    1. hey now, I did a Green+IoT project in the HaD prize and I didn’t win it, made won two rounds but I didn’t win one of the 5 places.None of the top 5 projects would even count as green so IDK what you are talking about dude.

    1. What? Star Trek references outweighs Disney 5 to 4. There is one obvious Star Trek reference in the title, two in the article image, one in the article text, and one in the prizes. There is one obvious Disney reference in the image, one very oblique Star Wars reference in the article image, one in the article text, and one in the prizes. These are among several other non-Disney references and yet you believe that indicates Disney zealotry? The evidence does not support your (somewhat indecipherable) conclusion.

    1. Engines are separated far enough fo exhaust to miss the cockpit. IMHO the antigrav subsystem would be more complex and harder to fine-tune. One ends up either escaping the gravity well of the planet or hitting the ground at every gravitational anomaly…

      1. How about for now using techniques like the engine powered human lifting multicopter that was featured around here many moons ago for getting in the air.

        The next problem to solve is staying in the air while moving forward at some appreciable speed. Maybe using a PID-loop controlled jet engine multirotor for the lifter.

        P.S. can someone who remembers the link help find it please?

        Will search for a while on and off for said link……

        Either way, I would like to at least see the first attempts at a pod race started in my lifetime…. :)

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