Hackaday Unconference This Saturday (in Triplicate)

This Saturday we’re hosting the Hackaday Unconference — three live events in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco that are going to jumpstart the idea engines and enthusiasm of everyone who attends. We can’t even tell you what the Unconference is about; it’s the people who participate that make the schedule and guide the discussion. Everyone there will be ready to give a talk of at least eight minutes on something that excites them right now. As the day goes on, ideas will feed off of each other and people will give talks and lead discussions they hadn’t even thought of before hearing other presentations of the day. It’s an atmosphere that you’ve never experienced unless you’ve been to an Unconference.

If you are located near one of these events it’s not too late to sign up. We’ve expanded the RSVP limit for Chicago and Los Angeles. And San Francisco has a waiting list that will likely be released at some point this week. So sign up now!!

Those not located nearby can still peek in to see what’s happening. We’ll be covering all three events on Hackaday Twitter,  Hackaday Facebook (including some Facebook Live blips throughout the day), and Hackaday Instagram using the #HackadayUncon hashtag. While you’re looking through all the ways to stay connected with us, you should sign up for the weekly Hackaday.com newsletter to pick up any stories you might have missed and get a few hints of what is ahead.

10 thoughts on “Hackaday Unconference This Saturday (in Triplicate)

  1. Hey… This sounds like more of a “talking” conference and not any “doing” conference (building things, hands-on exhibits, etc). Am I right in that presumption? The reason I ask is that I’m trying to decide if I should bring my kids along or not (they would get bored with a talking-only event).

    1. Would assume that not much in the way of hands-on demos or technology tutorials can be done where session length is under 15 minutes. Per the description on evenbrite, seems to be mostly for seeding and exchanging ideas on how to go forth and design for the betterment of humanity.

      The dearth of information appears to be by design.

    2. Hi Jon,

      This is an event for learning about what others are looking into. This can be ideas for upcoming projects, concepts and materials for building techniques, applications for newly published research topics, and all with a spin on how we can use our skills and spare time to address some of the problems faced by the world. For instance, I’ve been thinking a lot about the advancing average age of farmers in my area and how that is going to be a huge problem if we don’t begin to address this. I’m going talk about this with some examples I’ve seen, but really I still have a lot of big question marks and I’m hoping this sparks a conversation that highlights new avenues for me to explore.

      I think you’re right, it might be hard to hold a kid’s attention. I suppose it all depends on the disposition of the kid ;-)

  2. ok well I want to do a real-time hands-on demo where “talk is cheap” and the dudes need to get on their cell phones (it’s a GSM thing) and interact with the thing on display, who can hook me up with the logistics; move the plastic bins with cords, etc?

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