Hackaday Links: March 19, 2017

This is from the Daily Fail, but a working Apple I is going up on the auction block. It’s expected to bring in $317,693 USD. In other news, we’re going to be at the Vintage Computer Festival East at the end of the month. There is usually an Apple I there.

The most popular crowdfunding campaign of the month is Lego tape. It’s an adhesive-backed tape with studs on the top, allowing you to clip Lego pieces into place. How easy would this be to create at home? It’s really just a silicon mold and some 3M stickytape. Anyone up for a home casting challenge?

You guys know the Hackaday Overlords have a Design Lab, right? What’s a Design Lab? It’s a place filled with tools where we allow residents to come in for free, build stuff, give them training, and let them keep all their IP. It’s like a hardware accelerator, but focused on Open Source hardware. It is our gift to the community and we ask nothing in return. But that’s not important right now. We’re doing shots.

2017 will be the first year Maker Faire will have three flagship faires. New York is a given, as is the Bay Area. and A few weeks ago, Chicago grabbed the third flagship faire. If you’ve already bought tickets and scheduled your trip, terrible news: the Chicago Maker Faire has been postponed until late fall.

Flip clocks are cool. What’s a flip clock? The clock in Groundhog Day, or a bunch of flaps, gears, and a synchronous motor that displays the time. You know what’s not cool about flip clocks? They’re usually stuffed in horrible 70s plastic enclosures painted Harvest Gold or Avacado. [bentanme] found a flip clock and stuffed it in a glass jar. It’s kept in place by a few 3D printed parts that ingeniously keep the clock from moving around while still allowing you to see the gears. Neat.

6 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: March 19, 2017

  1. That Apple 1 article must be the most redundant, poorly generated excuse for writing I’ve ever seen.
    It spends paragraph after paragraph rehashing the same information, most of which is covered in the infographic.

    1. that picture with all the blocks describing the components… it’s silly. What it really shows is that it has been written by somebody who a person who does not know much about electronics or computers. I never knew that capacitors were called power units?!? The keyboard interface points to a 6820 (PIA). Putting everything on a single PCB… and in the right of the image is an expansion connector so you can put in the electronics that weren’t on the board…

      Anyway… based on this image I decided I will not be bidding.

  2. Seriously? It’s been a month and nobody commented on the error concerning the amount of flagship Maker Faires? The map tool on makerfaire.com clearly shows that 2016 had Bay Area, National (DC), and World (New York).

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