World Create Day: Get Together And Hack On April 22nd

Venture away from your workbench and see what others have been building this year. It’s time for Hackaday World Create Day when hackers all over the world get together to work on projects.

On April 22nd, join the creative minds in your area for a few hours of build time. It’s an opportunity to inspire and be inspired by others. There’s no better way to make those leaps forward on a project than to share your work with others. This pollination of ideas is what sparks creativity, and it’s a great excuse to meet new people.

Find a meetup near you right now. Don’t see one in your area? Become a host, it’s easy and we’ll help!

What’s It Like at a World Create Day Meetup?

When the Hackaday community gets together it’s always a fun time. Each meetup on April 22nd will be unique. These are organized locally and given life by those who show up. Bring an open mind and something you’re excited about and you’ll be right at home.

We’re sending out stickers like this one, along with other swag, to meetups that sign up early. Do it now!

For instance, if I were Brian Benchoff I might bring along my 3D printed WiFi antenna and a few different WiFi devices to see if anyone wanted to do some distance measurements and signal strength characterization. I myself have been working on an art project that uses computer vision and replacement display for my exercise machine so I’ll bring one of those. After a few hours of hacking, it’s customary to go around the room and have people give a very brief explanation of their work.

World Create Day is the perfect place to put together you Hackaday Prize Team. As the ideas fly, keep in mind the power of one idea to change the world. Consider picking a challenge, brainstorming an idea, and entering it in the Hackaday Prize.

Pics or It Didn’t Happen

Don’t let the great ideas live for only one day. Make sure you tell the story of your World Create Day. Post your pictures and descriptions on social media with hashtag #WorldCreateDay during the event. Pictures, project links, and a brief summary should be added on your meetup’s event page. We want to cover as many of these as possible on Hackaday, so don’t be bashful about telling everyone what people at your meetup were working on — finished project or pencil drawing, we want to hear it!

4 thoughts on “World Create Day: Get Together And Hack On April 22nd

  1. This sounds like a great event and I would love for my group, NashMicro, to host one. However, its not going to happen with 11 days notice. We usually have our scheduled filled several months in advance and our space reserved. Please send out the word a few months earlier next year and we’ll be glad to host one.

  2. Really wish someone around here would host one. Only reason I back down from doing so is that I really have nothing but a bunch of barely started projects that all dead ended at gathering materials stages. Nearest ones being Ann Arbor and Detroit, both well beyond my means to afford gas to get to despite being roughly 50 miles away.

    If by some massive stroke of luck I manage to assemble a half decent workshop in my garage, which I am in the process of doing. You can be sure that some day in the future there will be a hackerspace or meetups in Flint, Mi even if I have to run it out of my own garage. Just hope it wont be a mistake, have certainly had enough tools stolen over the years that I’m not sure how much more I can take in that regard.

    Sorry, didn’t mean to get rantish. Just a dis-pleasant city to live in for anyone with any drive beyond becoming a wage slave.

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