Hackaday Prize Official Rules Update

We have made a change to the Official Rules of the 2017 Hackaday Prize that removes a potential ambiguity in the language. This section details the Announcement of the Challenge Round Results for Challenge Round 2 finalists. The correct language is as follows:

ii. On or around June 19, 2017, Sponsor will select up to twenty (20) Challenge Round 2 submissions to advance to the Final Round based on the six (6) evenly-weighted criteria above.

This section is now consistent with the existing language for the other four challenges. It is important to disclose changes to the official rules which is why we’re publishing this article today.

The Hackaday Prize is our global engineering initiative that challenges hackers, designers, and engineers to build something that matters. With over $250,000 in prizes, this summer is a great time to direct your creative energy toward engineering for social good. Right now we’re looking for things that move humanity forward with the Wings, Wheels, and Walkers challenge. Also in progress right now is the Best Product part of the Hackaday Prize which tells the tale of what goes into product engineering and building a community and a company around your creations. As we progress into the summer we’re looking forward to Assistive Technology, and Anything Goes challenges. Enter now!

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