PCB Art Becomes Lapel Pins

We’re now living in the golden age of PCB art. Over the last year or so, the community has learned to manipulate silk screen, copper, and solder mask layers into amazing pieces of craftsmanship. These boards are putting the ‘A’ in STEAM, and now we have fiberglass replacements for enamel lapel pins.

[jglim] didn’t have much experience with fabric, but a PCB lapel pin was something that seemed like it should work. There are really only three parts to a lapel pin — the small ornamental pin itself, a solderable spike somehow attached to the pin (usually by soldering), and a clasp that holds the pin steadfastly to a lapel. The spike and clasp assembly were easily sourced on AliExpress, with one hundred clasps available for seven dollerydoos.  Attaching the spike to the PCB was as simple as adding a circular copper pad on the obverse side, applying some solder, and the liberal application of toaster ovens.

The design of the pin was based on the HTML5 logo, with the actual art done in Photoshop using a palette picked from OSHPark’s preview colors. The four colors used in this design are bare copper, a light purple for mask over copper, a darker purple for mask without copper, and a pale yellow for exposed FR4. This design was imported into KiCad with the Bitmap2Component tool.

The assembly of these lapel pins went very easily, and the finished product looks great. There’s a lot you can do with the standard OSHPark color stackup like making money of me, and this is a great example of exactly how much you can do with PCB art.

17 thoughts on “PCB Art Becomes Lapel Pins

  1. -1000 ! The ‘A’ is for a**holes, because nowadays “Art” is for lazy and ignorant opportunistic bullshitters who are just after easy (pulbic) money with a swagger, and their low tragically harm Fine Arts as well as popular arts in the long run. So please be done with that and go mess with another community and blog (name it “CRAP-a-Day”, it has an ‘A’ in it, so you should be fine).

    Now I propose a petition demanding Benchoff’s resignation from Hackaday, moral will assuredly improve through the roof immediatly after he quits and stops continually shoving that ridiculous, buzzword-wannabe, acronym down our throat at last, among his other shameless cynical manners and his inflated poor writings.

    1. He also mentioned your poor writing skills, such as using “obverse” (to sound smart), when you should have used “reverse”. If only you put as much work into your articles as you do into the disparaging replies to legitimate criticisms in the comment section…

  2. There are sooo many things I do not like about this project, like the wrong software tools for the graphics part (to start with). This is especially true given there are far better/appropriate tools available as FOSS. (Yes these FOSS tools are all cross-platform these days, so the “A” people do NOT need to live in Apple’s Photo$hop jail anymore!) I guess we’ll see a lot more of this nonsense now that there’s a totally inappropriate “A” in “STEAM” [insert Sad-Face here]

    1. Correction, Photo$hop is NOT an Apple product – it is an Adobe Systems product. But we see a (IMO purely) ideologically-driven adoption of Adobe’s products by users of Apple’s products.

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