World’s Largest Super Soaker Is Dangerously Good Clean Fun

Running around while dousing each other with Super Soakers and screaming in delight is de rigueur on suburban lawns on hot summer days, but if you build this giant replica of a Super Soaker that can double as a pressure washer, you might have the upper edge on the neighborhood gang.

You may remember [Mark Rober] from such projects as his bullseye-catching dart board and his previous entry in the awesome uncle of the year awards, the fully automatic snowball gun. We’re not entirely sure that this seven-foot long replica of the original Super Soaker will win him any uncle or neighbor plaudits, given that it the stream it produces is not far off of what a pressure washer can manage and can literally slice a watermelon in half. Fortunately, [Mark] included swappable nozzles to reduce the pressure enough that relatively safe dousing is still on the table. The housing is a pretty accurate plywood and foam replica of the original toy, but the mechanism is beefed up considerably — a pair of nitrogen tanks, some regulators, and a solenoid valve. See the gun in all its window-smashing, kid-soaking glory in the video after the break.

We realize [Mark]’s build is just a fun way to beat the heat, but it gives us a few ideas for more practical uses. Maybe a DIY water-jet cutter that’s not built around a pressure washer?

Thanks to [Chris Combs] for the tip.

10 thoughts on “World’s Largest Super Soaker Is Dangerously Good Clean Fun

    1. Property rights do not extend into the air (or under ground) in the United States (therefore a drone can go anywhere, except restricted airspace obviously)…and if the drone is expensive enough (many are easily over $400), shooting it down would get you a felony. :)

      1. Privacy laws don’t cover the use of surveillance equipment that has trespassed onto private property?

        I wouldn’t use it for that purpose anyways, I’d probably be cleaning the windows with it…

      2. Yes they do.
        Unless the mineral rights have been split from the deed in the past you own the minerals under your feet to a significant depth. Sometimes all the way down.
        You certainly own the air above your head if you live in the 11th circuit of appeals jurisdiction.

  1. Oh that’s the guy who with the big nerf-gun, should have guessed…

    Now where did i put this barrel of IPA i bought some time ago???

    (just joking of course… this thing looks quite dangerous, luckely it seems like this guy knows what he is doing)

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