Ok Google. Navigate To The International Space Station

If you’d have asked most people a few decades ago if they wanted a picture of every street address in the world, they would have probably looked at you like you were crazy. But turns out that Google Street View is handy for several reasons. Sure, it is easy to check out the neighborhood around that cheap hotel before you book. But it is also a great way to visit places virtually. Now one of those places is the International Space Station (ISS).

[Thomas Pesquet] in a true hack used bungee cords and existing cameras to take panoramas of all 15 ISS modules. Google did their magic, and you can enjoy the results. You can also see a video on how it was all done, below.

One interesting feature is the addition of pop-up annotations. This is a new feature for Google, but likely to appear in other street view venues, as well.

If space isn’t your thing, there are other interesting tours like locations for Game of Thrones, the oceans, Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal, and more. Perhaps you’d like to jog through the ISS, assuming you don’t mind pretending there is artificial gravity. Or you can take a break from the large ISS and try something a bit smaller.

18 thoughts on “Ok Google. Navigate To The International Space Station

      1. I don’t know, Mozilla is working just fine here, without asking to install anything. Just hit play and watch the HD streaming. Half of the time, the ISS is streaming just dark black noise while it is on the dark side of the Earth, or a message for switching cameras while they are switching the view, but otherwise, no problems.

        Sorry it’s not working for you. What browsers did you tried?

        1. actually did try using firefox, which does not support flash out-of-the-box, like for instance chrome does.
          and i’m pretty happy it does not support it anymore, come on ppl, even cnn made the switch.

    1. spacedashboard.com has a whole bunch of different space displays, including two different streams from the ISS, and it’s position, plus solar wind and aurora maps etc.
      It’s great to put up on a big screen and just leave it playing.

    1. Yeah but you just got to be prepared to give away more than the current 0.5% of the US budget (seeing half the earth is ocean, it will require a lot more relay satellites and more money spent on technology that to improve the lag time between satellites)… Also you do realise you can see the ISS pass with your own eyes, and yes if you use a telescope (or even photograph it passing in front of the moon) you can even make out the different modules. Rather than spend so much time on conspiracy YouTube videos, learn some basic science (or even use a satellite phone or satellite internet in the middle of nowhere far from any telecommunications towers you will realise that it’s all real

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