Mini Tetris Game Packs A Tiny85

[dombeef] originally built pocketTETRIS as a Father’s Day gift for his Tetris-loving pops. However, having finished the project he’s decided to share it with the universe, and it’s looking rather sweet.

He made the game the smallest he could make, with size limitations imposed by a 0.96” OLED display, the coin-cell battery pack, and his desire for a durable 3D-printed case. It uses a ATtiny85 for the brains, mounted on a custom PCB that [dombeef] designed in KiCad. The Arduino code was modified from Andy Jackson’s ATtinyArcade code, giving it three-button capability instead of two. [dombeef] has details on the project page on as well as 3D-design and PCB-design files on the project’s code repository on GitHub.

We’ve published a fair number of Tetris posts in the past, including skyscraper Tetris, playing Tetris on a soldering iron, and Tetris in 446 bytes. What’s the smallest Tetris you’ve seen?

5 thoughts on “Mini Tetris Game Packs A Tiny85

  1. TinyTetris running on my TinyPONG Hardware. Uses 2 character cells on a HD44780 display below each other to create a display of 5 columns by 16 lines, you can’t go much smaller than this (besides HD44780 displays come in all sizes, even smaller ones). Downside: With only 5 pixels width you’re pretty much screwed if the game gives you 4 pieces in a row that you can’t use, but it uses the PONG controls, so you rotate the piece by rotating the knob.
    (press the end key to see Tetris. Somewhere else on that page is a picture where you can see a version of Tetris that has a piece preview)

  2. This is great to see :) I’m excited to see someone using my Tetris code and especially building custom hardware for it – might order myself a couple of those PCBs from OSH Park- much neater than the hardware I built for this!!! :)

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