These Twenty Assistive Technologies Projects Won $1000 In The Hackaday Prize

Today, we’re excited to announce the winners of the Assistive Technologies portion of The Hackaday Prize. In this round, we’re looking for projects that will help ensure a better quality of life for the disabled. Whether this is something that enhances learning, working, or daily living. These are the projects that turn ‘disability’ into ‘this ability’.

Hackaday is currently hosting the greatest hardware competition on Earth. We’re giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars to hardware creators to build the next great thing. Last week, we wrapped up the fourth of five challenges. It was all about showing a design to Build Something That Matters. Hundreds entered and began their quest to build a device to change the world.

There’s still one entry challenge remaining in The Hackaday Prize. Anything Goes is on right now and open to every idea imaginable. If you’re building a computer made of sand, awesome. Quadcopter hammock? Neat. This is the portion of the Hackaday Prize that’s open to the best ideas out there. It’s up to you to explain how your creation makes the world a little bit better place.

The winners of the Assistive Technologies challenge are, in no particular order:

Assistive Technologies Hackaday Prize Finalists:

These Projects Are Fantastic

The winners of the Assistive Technologies challenge in the Hackaday Prize are all fantastic. We have projects tackling big problems like an Open Source Wheelchair and allowing phlebotomists to find veins. We also have some projects trying to answer interesting questions like, “how does a blind person tune a guitar?” These are the best Assistive Technology projects The Hackaday Prize has to offer, and in recognition of their achievement, each of these projects just won $1000 and a place in the finals for The Hackaday Prize.

It’s Not Too Late Get Your Entry In Now

Although we’re done with Assistive Technology for this year’s Hackaday Prize, that doesn’t mean it’s over. Right now we’re taking all comers. The Anything Goes round of the Hackaday Prize ends on October 16th, and is the last chance for any project to make it to the final round with a potential to take home the Grand Prize of $50,000 USD. Start your entry now and take part in the greatest hardware competition on the planet.

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