Hacker Maketh Kingsman Umbrella

Yes! Someone made the Kingman umbrella and yes it can shoot and yes it has a display on the inside. [James Hobson] just put up a video on YouTube for this excellent project detailing the process that went into creating this live working prop and it is amazing.

The build starts with finding a rugged umbrella and was tested by standing on it as well as decimating a few household objects. Compress CO2 cartridges provide the fuel for propelling blow darts as well as other non-lethal forms of ammunition. The coolest part of the project is the screen inside the portable that allows you to see-through the dome. This is accomplished by a combination of a small camera and a portable mini projector. Simple yet awesome.

The camera is mounted near the muzzle whereas the projector is sliced-up and integrated into the grip. The handle in question is itself 3D printed and includes a custom trigger into the design. Check out the video for a demonstration of the project.

Movie props have a special place in every maker’s heart and this project is an excellent example of imagination meeting ingenuity. After seeing this video, security agencies are going to be giving umbrella owners some suspicious looks though creating own of your own could be a very rewarding experience. If you are looking for a more obvious prop, then check out the PiPBoy Terminal from Fallout which is sure to get everyone’s attention.

11 thoughts on “Hacker Maketh Kingsman Umbrella

  1. two typos in this post (“Compress CO2” should be “Compressed CO2” and “own of you own” should be “one of your own”! Also they don’t even tell us what the heck a Kingsman umbrella is, though I recall the pipboy that the author referenced is from a video game so I guess this is too?

    1. Actually the tricked out umbrella (eat your heart out Penguin!) is from the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service”.

      In the movie the umbrella looked like it had some form of flexible display woven inside of it that acted as a HD display and, well it has been some time since I last saw the movie, I think it had a targeting feature built in.

      Not too bad a film. Though the tech in film was criminally underutilized :P

  2. Hilariously, not even a casual mention that this is a fellow HackADay writer who’s written like, 1300 articles here over the last 4 years? Or do other writers not even know their own roster? Damn. Show some support.

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