See This Mesmerizing 3D Printed Water Droplet Automaton

Water Experiment No. 33 by [Dean O’Callaghan]
Most modern automata are hand-cranked kinetic sculptures typically made from wood, and [videohead118] was inspired by a video of one simulating a wave pattern from a drop of liquid. As a result, they made a 3D printed version of their own and shared the files on Thingiverse.

In this piece, a hand crank turns a bunch of cams that raise and lower a series of rings in a simulated wave pattern, apparently in response to the motion of a sphere on a central shaft. The original (shown in the animation to the right) was made from wood by a fellow named [Dean O’Callaghan], and a video of it in its entirety is embedded below the break.

If this sort of thing piques your interest, you can see examples of some modern takes on the art or marvel at the 240 year old clockwork masterpiece known as the “Boy Writer”.

9 thoughts on “See This Mesmerizing 3D Printed Water Droplet Automaton

    1. You are not wrong. Either he’s cranking the wrong way or the cam is installed reversed, either it’s showing the moment when the drop bounces back from the liquid, being launched to a smaller height than the initial one, repeating the cycle.

    1. The video is a classic wooden version, and possibly not as smooth as a plastic one.

      Incidentally, I wonder how hard it was to get all those different sized rings made out of wood, seems 3D printing is probably much easier, although perhaps chrome rings might look spiffier. But you could put any kind of ring on either a wood or plastic version I suppose, or if you put LED rings on it and scale it up sell it either as modern art or to coca-cola to mount vertically in NYC :)

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