Upgraded Hotel Room Coffee

The secret of cold-brew coffee is out. Department stores are selling gimmicks to make it at home or you can make it with a mason jar in good old-fashioned DIY style. This method is for the on-the-go hacker who may not have even the most spartan of equipment to brew a cold cup of Joe. Many hotel rooms are outfitted with a cheap percolating coffee machine and proprietary pods. The pods are just a sachet of filter paper with ground coffee inside.

Leave that percolating fire hazard unplugged and brew those pods overnight in a glass of water. In eight hours, you have a cup of rocket fuel. Compost the spent pod and away you go. Don’t heat your brew in the coffee maker, that’ll probably wreck it. Nuke it if you need it hot.

If coffee implements are your bag, here’s a 3D printed coffee bean grinder but be sure to read up on 3D printing and food safety. If coffee isn’t your cup of tea, how about a perfectly timed cup of tea?

8 thoughts on “Upgraded Hotel Room Coffee

  1. Yes, cold brew saves all but the worst rotten/moldy when still green bean coffee, even most burned beans, smooth tasty concentrate, add hot water or drink straight, extracts nearly all of the usable caffeine except the solution trapped in the wet grounds.
    I recommend breast milk storage bags for cold brewing, they are cheap, double leak sealed so you can even brew in your bag or car, and many stand up, also no weird flavor. Get a cone filter if you like to drink without distraction or just let the grounds which transferred when pouring settle and sip Turkish style toward the end.
    Aeropress if you have no time but want nearly as good coffee as cold brew but quick. My first ATtiny project was a time&temp automation for an immersion heater and press time countdown for perfect Aeropress coffee. You can also use the Aeropress as a filter but why make a mess you have to clean when cold extracting unless you want to get those last few drops squeezed from the grounds? Hario hand ceramic grinder for your portable grinding needs hot or cold.

  2. Even after hours of seeping, how are you getting the oils out with cold water? You’re not, and cold brew taste wrong because of this. Brew hot coffee and pour it over ice, or get the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker (I never use mine for tea).

    1. You can bloom the coffee grounds to get some of those delicious oils out by pouring a very small amount of boiling water on the coffee grounds before you add the rest of the cold water and allow it to sit overnight

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